Have to work for it…

I often say that the Bible never said things would be easy. Jesus tells us to take on His yoke because it is “easier” than the burdens the world puts upon us. Easier doesn’t mean things will just be handed to us. Salvation is a free gift but we still have to reach out to the Lord to obtain it. God’s grace is upon us but we still have to believe it to receive it.

Creating this website is teaching me a lot of things. It is taking me to a deeper level of trust in the Lord. It is helping me to come to a greater understanding that the gifts God placed in me are not for me to hold on and be prideful that He gives me these things. The gifts and talents we have are to be shared with one another. I don’t know God’s purpose in all of this but I can say that I am being humbled by every step.

I am learning (it’s a process) a new level of patience. It’s not easy but through Jesus Christ it is easier than if I did this out of my own strength.


What are your thoughts?

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