Depths of my being…

Guess what I found while going through some old papers? I found some of my poems I have written over the past few decades. I will be posting them for your viewing enjoyment. As you read them remember one thing; I did not always know (and definitely did not love) the Lord. I did not understand how He loves us, I did not even care to know how to walk with Him. You will see the despair in some of these poems. You will also see, through some of the language I use, how God was always there even when I had no clue it was Him speaking to me and through me. I actually threw a lot of the poems away today because I am nowhere near that person. I kept some just as a reminder of how far the Lord has brought me (and will bring you if you let Him) because of His love for me (and you).

Before I came to the Lord I was battling depression, anxiety, insecurities, loneliness, shyness, and suicidal thoughts (just to name a few). After coming to the Lord, I walked away from church life because I felt even worse than before. I had no idea of what everyone was talking about. I could not comprehend any of the words they were using nor could I understand the teachings. The battles became harder and more detrimental as I became even more isolated. It wasn’t until I began to learn what surrender truly was that God started changing my heart by the Holy Spirit. With that came a total overhaul to where I hardly recognize the person I was before. Sure there are still struggles but those too will change as I continue to get closer to our Lord and Savior by reading the Word and allowing Him to change me day by day; moment by moment; prayer by prayer.

Check daily to get a deeper glimpse into my being and the change the Lord did; see and come to understand that the Lord loves us and it is only by Him that we can be changed. ARS

In the Light

In the Light

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