Free Thought Fridays: March 04, 2016

I have decided to make Fridays for this site “Free Thought Fridays”. I have “Move the Mountain Mondays”, “Wednesday Word”, and now “Free Thought Fridays”. Why “Free Thought Fridays”? We can pick up so much spiritual junk throughout the week that we are completely drained come Friday yet excited the week is over. I am a stay at home mother but my weekdays are just as hectic as when I worked a “regular” job. I love to write and inspire people and I love Jesus Christ. These posts will be geared around whatever is in my heart or mind at the time I sit to write them without any pre-meditation at all just to clear them out and regain focus on what is truly important. My hope is that others that read these (believers and current non-believers in Jesus Christ) will come to understand that not only do we not have to be perfect but we are not supposed to be perfect. That is the beauty of our Lord and Savior; He loves us unconditionally.

I have flaws and bad habits like everyone else but these do not mean that the Lord does not love me or that He loves me any less when I make a mistake. He meets us exactly where we are and loves us no matter what (unconditionally). By His Holy Spirit we become whatever He created us to be through a process of coming to understand exactly who He is, learning His voice, listening and adhering to His voice, and moving our feet (in the natural and spiritual realms) wherever He tells us to.

I was hungry for Truth and desperate for a change when I came to the Lord ten years ago. I am even more hungry for Him and His Truth and revelations as I have ever been in my entire walk with Him. If you have ever been truly hungry in the natural you know you will eat anything offered but will only be satisfied for a time. Spiritually this is the same. When you are hungry spiritually but do not have any concept of what is supposed to fill your belly a lot of things will satisfy you but only for a moment. When you become hungry again you go back to what satisfied you before but you don’t become as satisfied as you were before so you look for something else. This same thing happens once you come into relationship with the Lord. You feed on yesterday’s bread (messages that once filled you and helped you grow and become strong) because that is what satisfied you once before.

There are a lot of messages and teachings out there regarding the Bible and our walk with the living and powerful God. The messages full of Truth are not to be discounted in any way and sometimes we need to go back to the basics for a spiritual detox. However, we are all in different places in our walk. Some need milk (spiritually speaking: a basic understanding of who our Lord is and how to operate in accordance to His will) because they are not yet equipped to digest meat (deeper revelatory understandings of hidden mysteries of our Lord displayed throughout the Bible). Some need the meat (we don’t stop taking the milk) because milk is simply not enough. Technology is not always a bad thing. You can find whatever you need because of the advances in our technology (though I am still partial to having a dusty old book in my hand).

Here is an exercise that has yet to fail me in my search for deeper understandings of our Lord to help me grow and go higher in and with the Lord Jesus Christ by Holy Spirit. PRAY! If you have never prayed or even wonder if all this talk about Jesus is true simply ask. If you are truly searching just speak out your question while in a private place. The Lord is always around us and waiting to hear from us. If you do not currently have a relationship with the Lord (and this is not just for non-believers but some believers do not actually having a true relationship with the Lord) and you desire one all you have to do is speak what is in your heart: “Lord, I desire to know you. I desire to have a relationship with you. I want to know who You are and who You made me to be. Teach me Your ways Lord so I can be everything You desire me to be. Show me who You are. I desire to love and know You.” He is faithful to answer the cries of our heart. If you speak that out begin to pay attention. He will speak to you in ways He knows only you will hear Him. It may be through a billboard you look at every day on your drive home from work. It may be through television commercials that you have ignored millions of times. It may be through your children or loved ones around you. Just pay attention.

If you are one that already has a relationship with the Lord but feel stagnant in your growth the same rule applies. Just ask. Prayer is communication with the Lord not just a list of demands. Every time I ask Him what it is He would have me to learn to grow more in Him He has always answered. I just sit quietly and talk to Him about my struggles and my desire to know and see even more of Him. He will usually answer by showing me (meaning a thought comes in my mind that I have not really thought about before or have ignored previously) what it is He would like me to study.

This is a long post but I have been so hungry spiritually and nothing seems to be filling me. This is where my thoughts and my heart have been for a few weeks actually. I have been so focused on the injustices displayed in America that I have been inquiring deeply of the destiny God created me for. He has answered me in many ways and my hunger is a byproduct of this inquiry. To know who we are and to walk it out we must know who our Father is, who our Savior is, who our Defender is, who our Brother is, who our Friend is, who our Judge is and exactly how He operates, what our duties include, how we are supposed to function (what our current active gifts are and what spiritual offices we currently walk in), where we are not supposed to be (sometimes we can be doing things trying to please others and even trying to please God that He has not called us to but has called others to), and most importantly how to love Him with everything we are as well as everyone around us (even those that hurt, disrespect, dishonor, judge, kill, torture, and abuse us).

This is this week’s “Free Thought Friday” post. Everything for our Lord and our Father in Heaven; everything by and through Holy Spirit.

Happy Friday!! 😘

What are your thoughts?

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