New Beginnings Can Seem Painful

Currently I am embarking on a new physical journey. It has prompted me to write about the suffering and pain we endure when we come to any new beginning. I am starting to work out again. I started yesterday and my body was sore only 2 hours after working out. My muscles have to get used to really being used again. As they grow and come back into order, there will be soreness. This process will continue until they are comfortable with the routine. The same is true of our spiritual life.

As we step into new realms from God our Father, there will be levels of sufferings because our mind, will, and emotions (in other words our soul) is not used to these new levels. It is a process designed to help us grow and trust in the Lord with all that we have. The suffering does not last forever. As we yield ourselves more and continue to exercise our spiritual muscles, eventually we come to a place where the things of Heaven become our nature.

When we exercise in the natural realm continuously, our bodies come to a place of comfort. Though the exercise is still good, we need to find ways to challenge our muscles even more so they can continue to grow and benefit us even more. Again, this is true of our spiritual journey. When we get to a place of comfort (or even complacency) we may come to a place of spiritual laziness. We must find a way to go even higher in the Lord before this happens. It is another level of trusting the Lord. We must cry out to Him continually to not come to a place of complacency. He is our comfort. As our spiritual muscles grow and develop, we begin to understand what we can handle and what we cannot. We begin to learn (discern) which situations we are authorized (have the “muscles”) to carry and which ones we are not yet capable to walk in.

Right now I am not able to run any type of marathon; my endurance level is not developed. If I continue to work out and challenge my muscles up to and only slightly beyond their current limit, I will come to a place where my endurance will be high enough to run a marathon.

The other point I would like to make is how I used to work out all the time. Because I used to be extremely active and understood the process of exercising, my current soreness is not a shock and I know how to handle and even reduce it. For anyone that has been on this spiritual journey with the Lord at one point, the same principle holds true. It doesn’t matter how long we have been turned away from Him. We know what to do to get back. He is always right there with us waiting to hear our voice. If we have never worked out and don’t know what to expect in the natural, we seek others to help us through the process. Spiritually we also must have people around us for every level to help us through all the different transitions.

Exercise helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle along with eating right as far as the natural is concerned. Spiritually it is the same. Exercising our spiritual bodies and eating healthy “food” (reading the word and applying it as led by Holy Spirit) helps us maintain a healthy spiritual life. As we do this we will come to a place where the natural and spiritual are no longer separate entities but become our entirety.

Everything by, in, and with our Lord through Holy Spirit. Happy Friday!! 😘

What are your thoughts?

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