Keep Your Head Up!!!

Move The Mountain Monday: March 21, 2016

Keeping our head up in the midst of trials and heartaches is easier said than done. Here is something practical to think about when it comes to our spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whenever we walk somewhere we can’t keep our head up if we aren’t familiar with the path, right? We keep our head down so we can step over any obstacles in our way and to make sure we don’t stumble or fall. Once we become familiar with the terrain and the path we can walk with ease without looking down. How many times do we know the path very well but still keep our head down? I strongly feel (for myself as well as anyone reading this) that it is time to move and walk with our heads held high. What I really mean by that is keeping our focus on the Lord.

He is our path; He is our way; it is He who removes the obstacles that lay before us so we don’t stumble or fall. If our heads are down, spiritually speaking, we are focusing on ourselves or others and not the Lord. He is calling us all to go deeper and higher in, through, and with Him. It is time to keep our heads up. It is time we regain our confidence in our true identity. We are children of Almighty God made in His image. Jesus is calling us back to our truest essence. This is what He really means when He said to follow Him.

Keep your head up and come to understand who He made you to be. Live as He calls you to live, in His presence forevermore.

Click the following link and read the devotional from today. It goes with this. You are blessed, never forget that.



What are your thoughts?

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