Free Thought Friday: March 25, 2016

First, I apologize for the lateness of this post to anyone who is following this. I have had a productive day and the time got away from me. Whoever is reading this has the choice to believe that the Lord, by His Holy Spirit, reminded me to write today. That’s what this post is ALL about; CHOICE.

When it comes to how we live our lives, we make choices every moment of every day. The same is true of our spiritual future. We have a choice. This is why God, in His infinite Wisdom, gave us free will. He does not want a people that feel pressured into loving Him. He wants a people that make the choice to love Him.

Yes, He woos us like a lover wanting to be with someone so much that they feel they cannot breathe. He wants a Bride that is absolutely committed to Him above and beyond anything else that may present itself. We have a choice.

Because this is Free Thought Friday I will bear my soul now and allow myself to be vulnerable to anyone reading this. The Christian Church is in trouble. Yes, it is a harsh truth but the absolute Truth is that God is in absolute control. We have a choice to believe He is in absolute control. We have a choice to believe in His control He still choices to partner/co-labor with us; the product of His image which He created. We have a choice to judge one another or love one another.

The end time Harvest has begun. Will you allow yourself to be used by Heaven or to be used by Hell? What is your choice? We never know why people are the way they are. It is not our job as Christians to always know. As Disciples of Jesus Christ it is our job to show His unconditional love for each and every one of God’s children. Whatever choice they make is their choice and not on us. It does become on us when we become a stumbling block and keep them from the Lord. Where are you? What choice have you made? Have you, as a believer, made yourself the ultimate judge of who lives and who dies eternally or have you chosen to love and pray God’s will into yourself and others? Remember, the lost does not understand the things of the Spirit. We are called to go forth and make disciples of the nations. This brings the unbelievers into the Kingdom of God where they can start to understand the things of the Spirit (think about your personal testimony and where you where; none of us where nor are perfect).

Truth: Many believers are still in an unbelieving state of the deeper things of the Lord for whatever reasons. What is your choice?

What are your thoughts?

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