💜Creative Genius Never Dies💜

Freethought Friday: April 22, 2016

Some may not understand why people totally lose themselves when a celebrity passes on (as many have already talked about in recent days). Just as I read on someone’s status, it is because of how that celebrity made us feel in our life. Prince is one of those.

For me, Prince was one who has inspired me on so many different levels. The greatest way he inspired me was through his humanity which oozed from every lyric of almost every song of his. His creative ingenuity is like a light which one can’t help to be drawn to. There are many stories that are coming out about his personality and his contributions. These stories only further increase what I already felt, Prince had something else driving him which helped us feel free when we watched him or listened to him.

If people cannot understand why so many of us grieve when a celebrity dies, that is on them. We know how these super novas made us feel; we know how that one song, thought, interview, show or movie may have saved our life; we know how that celebrity’s contribution to this world changed us forever. It doesn’t matter if anybody else understands or not. Know that a spirit like Prince can never die; partly because his contributions live on. Creative genius never dies; it only grows to fill every soul.

💜🎸🎤RIP Prince Rogers Nelson🎤🎸💜