No Righteousness With Anger

Free Thought Friday: April 08, 2016

Today, instead of writing a long post, I will post a link to the devotional page I write for on Wednesday’s. Today’s devotional was written by a very dear friend and mentor of mine, Dr. Gina Cobb. The topic is one that we all encounter but rarely discuss within the Body of Christ. The topic is anger. Before and after you read it ask the Lord by His Holy Spirit to show you any places you may have unresolved anger. Holy Spirit is the One who changes our hearts but we have to allow Him to. Anger is a sin because it takes the control and our focus away from God and keeps it in our own hands. It is time to give ALL things to Christ including our anger. He sacrificed Himself to cleanse us from our sins. We must work out this salvation and redemption by committing ourselves (and anything within us) into His hands. If the Body of Christ cannot do this how do we expect those still lost in the wilderness of this world to do it? Happy Friday!! 😘

Wrath of Man by Dr. Gina Cobb: inspired by Holy Spirit

(If you are viewing this after April 08, 2016, go to the archives for 2016 to view this word.)

We must change from the inside out to effect the world from the outside in.


Matthew 6:33

What are your thoughts?

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