Build It Up

Move the Mountain Monday: May 16, 2016

Build It Up

[This is like a precursor to this upcoming Wednesday’s Word.]

When a building is condemned it is not fit for use. The condemned building needs to be torn down. Once a building is torn down there is a choice to be made; build it back up, leave the space empty, or build something new in its place? As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ I will relate this in spiritual terms.

We, too often, tear ourselves and/or others down. We are called to build up the Body of Christ. When something is torn down in our lives it needs to be replaced; built up better than before. This, as with everything, is a process. We are not called to be a people of condemnation. We are called to be a people of edification. Condemnation means not fit for use and edification means to strengthen/build up.

We are the temple of God; the Body of Jesus Christ Himself. How can this temple be condemned (or any part within it)? It is not. Anyone who loves the Lord should not be under condemnation. If there is condemnation it is not of the Lord and needs to be surrendered to the Lord. If we place others under condemnation we are not operating in accordance with the Lord’s will because He does not condemn us. Wherever there are places falling down, wherever there are weak spots, wherever there are unfortified links there needs to be a strengthening. Just because these weaknesses exist does not mean the entire building (temple) is to be condemned. It only means that pieces of the entire structure need to be replaced, strengthened, and built up. A person is not deserving of eternal death (condemnation) just because there is a kink in their spiritual armor.

We are only as strong as our weakest link. For the Body of Christ to be and remain strong we each must seek the Lord to show us where our weak spots are. Once the weak spots are revealed to us by His Holy Spirit (which is what conviction is) we then must seek Him to strengthen those spots within us. Only when we are strengthened by Him can we be used to help others. If we feel condemned we are not allowing Him to live or work in and through us. It is time to build up the Body; not condemn it.

Father, forgive me for condemning the Body of Your Son. Help me and strengthen me. I surrender my will to You so that only Your will remains in me. Open my eyes so I only see what You are doing. Open my ears so I only hear Your voice. Open my heart so that I am only obedient to You in every way and in every place. I no longer choose to follow the way of man. I desire and choose to follow Your way; the way that was created by the poured out blood of Your Son Jesus Christ. Jesus, I invite You into every part of my life. Help me to no longer condemn Your Body. Strengthen me so I can take up my cross and follow You. Continue to teach me and keep me teachable. Thank You for the work You have already done within me. Let Your ways become my ways. Let Your heart beat strong and deep within me for myself and for others. I surrender my ALL to You. 

Alicia R. Shipe

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