Prayer for the Churches

Wednesday Word: June 01, 2016

Prayer for the Churches

Father God, we thank You for our salvation. We thank You for redemption through the blood and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Father, we ask that You would knit each of us together in our home churches and knit each church together to do Your will here on earth as it already is in Heaven. Let there be a Heavenly unity between each member of the Body of Jesus Christ around the world.

Father, expose those things that are not of You within the Churches. Let our eyes, ears, and hearts be open to the things You show us. Wherever strife exists, Lord, let Your peace come. Wherever control exists, Lord, let Your will and way overtake. Wherever discord exists, Lord, let unity abound; unity between one another and unity with You, Lord. Let us be the glorious Bride You have called us to be, Father, without spot or wrinkle. Let those who have not come into Your salvation yet come. Let Your army rise in the earth to speak to those still outside with Your love, mercy, compassion, hope, peace, and joy.

We thank You, Father, for not only those that have already come into Your salvation but for those that will come and for those that will come back. Wherever there is hurt, Lord, caused by people in the church, let Your hand touch and heal those wounds. Lord, help us to know You on a deeper and higher level. We bless Your Holy Name. We thank You for what You have done and will do. Strengthen us, Lord, to be a voice of One.

Alicia R. Shipe

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