Overtaken and Consumed

Honor Digital Art: 18x12: ARS

Digital Art: 18×12: ARS

Overtaken and Consumed
The sadness is some will never see the sky again
Some will never feel the warm kiss of the sun
Some will never hear the laughter of children again
Yet we remain
When loved ones leave
We mourn and grieve
It can overtake and consume us
We feel pain; we feel heartache
Because we will never see that person’s smile again
We will never feel that person’s touch again
All the things that person meant to us
Will never be sensed again
Then there is the joy that comes
As we remember all these things
The smell of their hair
The way they cared
Even their flaws become a beauty
And we can begin to believe that they are at peace
We can honor them in the best way
By truly living each of our remaining days
We pay more attention to the sky
We feel every kiss from the sun
We walk in the rain unashamed
To help alleviate our grief and pain
We begin to live each moment in joy and grace
Because we realize life can’t be replaced
The best way to honor those who are at rest
Is to live our life to our absolute best
To live our life overtaken and consumed
By joy, love, and hope like a blossom that has bloomed

“Overtaken and Consumed” by Alicia R. Shipe

I wanted to write something to encourage some that I know are hurting right now but couldn’t put the words together. Then I saw this and it was the spark I needed for the inspiration to fully take form: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/sky/

To my friend: “Shalom Aleichem”

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