Blessing The Father

Wednesday Word: June 22, 2016

Blessing The Father

I started out not having anything specific to write about. I just waited and waited day by day for something to come to me but nothing did. I was telling my husband on Tuesday morning that I still had nothing to write about. He said, “Write about blessings.” Ooh, great one! As I was thinking about blessings the first thing that came to me was how God has truly blessed me and enriched my life. Then something else came to me. How can I bless the Lord and how often do I bless the Lord? This is where this writing is going.

Our human minds often think of blessings as material things like being able to pay our rent or mortgage; being able to have and raise children; or even the spiritual giftings we each possess. These all are examples of our Father blessing us. Even Jesus Himself blessed the Father and He told us how to do the same. Acknowledging and being in a deep relationship with our Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit is how we bless the Father. Letting go of our control over our life and giving it all to Him is how we bless the Father. Loving one another as we love ourselves is how we bless the Father.

Oh Father,
You are Holy and reign supreme over everything. Your name is Holy and above every other name. We thank You for Your only begotten Son, Jesus. We place Your Kingdom over every other kingdom of this world. We seat You on the throne of our hearts. You have given us the mind of Jesus. Let each of us engage and see, hear, and do only what You are doing in Heaven. Where You rejoice, let us rejoice. Where You weep, let us weep. Where You move, let us move without hesitation. Thank You for being a good, good, Father. Thank You for allowing us to be reconciled to You through the blood of Your Son. We bless Your Holy and Mighty name. We love You Daddy God!!! You are the best and the only!!!

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Alicia R. Shipe

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