“After The Rain” – song by Rachael Martin

I have this amazing tree in my backyard that I often take pictures of. Tuesday evening it stormed and it inspired me to take some amazing photos. While I was taking the pictures a song started playing in my head that is one of my absolute favorites. The song was written by a dear friend and mentor of mine. God used her to re-awaken the many creative gifts and talents He has placed within me that you see throughout this site.

I got the idea to use the pictures I took that night as well as some of my past artwork and make a video to her song “After The Rain”. The song is on her album titled “Still Standing-Through The Fire”.

Still Standing-Through The Fire: Rachael Martin Artwork done by Christine Trainor

Still Standing-Through The Fire: Rachael Martin
Artwork done by Christine Trainor





I love this song because it is real and evokes something powerful that goes beyond just singing a song (as all Rachael’s music does). She does more than sing songs or play music. One can truly sense that she goes before the throne of God and sings to Jesus Himself. She is a wonderful friend of mine and I am forever grateful to our Lord for placing her in my life. She had no idea I was going to do this video for her but I have since shown it to her and she has given me her blessing to post it.

This album is available through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Digital, and gatheringathisfeet.org/praise-page.html

Video is also available for viewing on YouTube.

Allow the experience to flow through you as you enjoy!!!

What are your thoughts?

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