Standing and Believing

Move The Mountain Monday: June 13, 2016

I really don’t know what to say or write about. My feelings are all over the place right now. I feel a void deep within me due to the tragedy that has happened in Orlando this weekend. I am not perfect and I am thankful for this. I am thankful because it leaves more room for the Lord Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit to continue to work in and through me as long as I allow Him to.

I believe that only by believing in the life, sacrifice, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ can anyone be reconciled to God the Father. I believe that those who do believe in Jesus Christ become a dwelling place for Him. I also believe we have a choice as to how far we will allow the Lord into our hearts and lives.

Yes, the tragedy that happened was at a gay club but that does not matter to me and I do not believe this a judgment from the hand of God as some have suggested. Human beings that were created by God Himself were tragically murdered through an act of utter hate. That is my concern.

I believe God is love. I believe God loves each and every one of us regardless of what we do in our lives. His love has no boundaries and we should be the same. Are there things we do that Father God doesn’t approve of? Absolutely. However, these do not negate His unconditional and abundant love for us all. Jesus sat with those who were considered the worst of society in His day. He does the same today (I am grateful for His unconditional love and mercy otherwise I would not be here today). This post may upset many people from all different walks of life but that is of no concern to me. We are ALL sinners and ALL fall (present tense) short of His glory but through the grace and mercy of God we have been saved (all we have to do is accept it). God Almighty’s love is boundless.

If we consider ourselves followers of Jesus Christ then our love should be boundless also because it is He that lives in us. I continue to ask, “Where is the love?”

Alicia R. Shipe

How Convenient Are Our Conveniences?

How Convenient Are Our Conveniences?
Wednesday Word: June 08, 2016

Convenience definitions:
*The state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty
*The quality of being useful, easy, or suitable for someone
*A thing that contributes to an easy and effortless way of life

Late Middle English: from Latin convenientia, from convenient- ‘assembling, agreeing’, from the verb convenire (see convene)


In today’s world there are many things we consider conveniences to our way of life. These things in and of themselves are not necessarily a bad thing and they are certainly not evil. However, they can be used as distractions (as anything can). I have gathered some information for us to review so we can allow Holy Spirit to work with us on what has become a distraction to us. This is my personal list so something that Holy Spirit shows you may not be on this list such as money, people, intelligence/worldly knowledge, and others of the like. Continue reading

Overtaken and Consumed

Honor Digital Art: 18x12: ARS

Digital Art: 18×12: ARS

Overtaken and Consumed
The sadness is some will never see the sky again
Some will never feel the warm kiss of the sun
Some will never hear the laughter of children again
Yet we remain
When loved ones leave
We mourn and grieve
It can overtake and consume us
We feel pain; we feel heartache
Because we will never see that person’s smile again
We will never feel that person’s touch again
All the things that person meant to us
Will never be sensed again
Then there is the joy that comes
As we remember all these things
The smell of their hair
The way they cared
Even their flaws become a beauty
And we can begin to believe that they are at peace
We can honor them in the best way
By truly living each of our remaining days
We pay more attention to the sky
We feel every kiss from the sun
We walk in the rain unashamed
To help alleviate our grief and pain
We begin to live each moment in joy and grace
Because we realize life can’t be replaced
The best way to honor those who are at rest
Is to live our life to our absolute best
To live our life overtaken and consumed
By joy, love, and hope like a blossom that has bloomed

“Overtaken and Consumed” by Alicia R. Shipe

I wanted to write something to encourage some that I know are hurting right now but couldn’t put the words together. Then I saw this and it was the spark I needed for the inspiration to fully take form:

To my friend: “Shalom Aleichem”