Use What You Have

Wednesday Word: July 06, 2016

Use What You Have

Last week I wrote a message titled “Own It…Don’t Give It Up”. I suppose you could consider this a follow-up to that message. Once you own something you can’t just let it sit; you have to use it. We don’t own vehicles just to let them sit. We must drive them so they remain operational. We also must do maintenance every now and then to keep the vehicles running properly. This is the same in the spiritual realm.

I urge all of us to read Matthew 25 and pay attention to the order. The first part is the parable about the five wise and the five foolish virgins. The second part is about the king who traveled and left his servants in charge of his goods. Though the talents in this parable is speaking of monetary goods, I believe it could also apply to talents how we think of the word today. The third section is Jesus telling those around him of how He will separate the people when He judges the nations.

This may be a stretch so bear with me as I go through these three with the leading of Holy Spirit.

1) Be and remain prepared. We have everything we need within us because Jesus lives in us. The key is how much will we allow Him in and how much will we allow Him to operate in and through us for the purposes of His Kingdom. How much will we allow the oil (Holy Spirit) to possess us and remain? How long will we remain vigilant and keep watch out of our obedience to the Lord and out of our love for the Lord? This comes by learning more and more about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit through reading God’s Word. We call the Bible God’s word and Jesus is called The Word. To know more about the One Who lives in us we must read The Word.

2) Know what you have, use what you have, and let it grow to gain more. Whatever our gifting or talents may be, we must know they exist within us. Once we learn that we possess them we must then learn how to use them. After we begin to put our gifts and talents into practice we then must come to a place to gain even more by expanding and challenging ourselves.

I will use myself as an example. I have always known I had the gift of writing since I was extremely young. I would write poetry and song lyrics. When I wrote song lyrics I had to sing them to a beat. In my adult years I came to realize that this talent is not just for me. It is for the advancement of the Kingdom; another tool for God to reach His children. I expanded these gifts by having others teach me and encourage me. I am learning everyday how to play with words and how to work out music on a more technical level. One of my mentors said something to me that goes with this and will always be with me. Some people have parts of themselves that come easily but they really have to work at other parts. The context was my musical skills. I can write out a song lyrically in a matter of moments. The lyrics themselves are only part of the whole. I have to really work to sing notes on key and to have the music to my lyrics play in harmony. Again, know what you have, use what you have, and let it grow to gain more.

3) Share what you have. Whatever our giftings or talents may be, they are not just for us to hold onto. They are given to us by God Himself for His will, desires, and purposes. If you have a talent for making money (yes, I believe that is a God-given talent), it is not so you can store it up or hoard it for yourself. It is for God, for His purposes in advancing His Kingdom. Whatever the gifting and talent may be, we all must be sensitive and obedient to Holy Spirit on how He (The Lord Himself) wants us to use these gifts and talents.

Here is an example of talents/giftings being put to use for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. I am not sharing this to boast on myself or the writer and singer of this song. I am merely sharing this to boast on God’s love. He gives each and every one of us something unique and beautiful so we can come together and be effective in the world. He also gives us these gifts for His pleasure. Believe me, it was truly an honor to make this video for my Lord. The song was done by the musical mentor I mentioned before, Rachael Martin. I pray this not only blesses each of you but also inspires you to search out what He has uniquely placed in you for His purposes so you can know it, use it, and share it with whomever Holy Spirit calls you to share it with.

Alicia R. Shipe

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