Family Camping Vacation-Conclusion

Hello readers. Sorry to keep all of you waiting but it was the weekend and there was lots to do this weekend with school right around the corner.

We are now up to Sunday in my family vacation tale. As I stated in the previous post, we all went to bed fairly early so we could get good rest for the travel home the next day and it was raining. It rained all night. My husband and I did not get good sleep that night. First, my youngest went into a coughing fit so I had to get his body to relax. I also couldn’t sleep because my mind began to think about the long drive home (3 hours). Usually when we go on trips my husband drives. This time we had to take both vehicles just to haul everything needed. There was another reason I couldn’t get much sleep. Before I explain that I have to go back 5 years.

Five years ago, my husband and I got married. The night before, my sister and my Grandmother (Mom’s Mom) stayed in the room with me. I know I snore. I don’t mean just a little bit. I sound like a grizzly bear…I SNORE. Well, and remember it was the night before I got married, my sister woke me up by throwing a lotion bottle at me because I was snoring and she couldn’t get to sleep. Am I still mad about that? Absolutely, it really put a damper on my special day because it was a very selfish thing to do. I had a very difficult time getting back to sleep and when I got up I had to go for a walk because I was so upset.

Back to Sunday. It was about 4:30 am. I had just drifted off to la-la land. My oldest son shoves me to purposely wake me up because I was snoring. Oh man! Did I ever yell at him. I told him he was very selfish because I needed the sleep since I had to drive. When we all woke up, my sister actually said, “Your son took a page out of my book didn’t he with your snoring?” My response, simple, I said it wasn’t funny then and it’s not funny now. RUDE!!!

Anyway, my parents and sister took down their tents, packed everything up, we all said our goodbyes, and they were on their way fairly early (around 8:30 am). We got moving around and took down our tent, the canopy, and packed everything up.









Everything was packed in the cars and we went to the Country Store one last time for the kids to have a souvenir. My youngest got a stuffed bear, my oldest got a new fishing rod (this detail will be important later) and I got jewelry, picture frames, and apple butter (it’s sooooo good!!!). Down the mountain we went and began our trek back home.

The moment we hit the highway, we received signal on our phones. Apparently, my husband received a call from work the moment we got signal. About an hour and a half into the drive we stopped at a gas station in Harrisonburg, VA. I was so thankful because my eyes were getting super heavy. This is when my husband told me he had been on a call from work since we left the mountain. He said I could rest because he would be about 20-30 minutes. Perfect, or so I thought. My youngest wouldn’t remain still so I was constantly on him. I didn’t want to eat at that gas station but he kept asking for food. I gave him snacks we already had and lots of water.

Here comes the “fun” part. My oldest decided he couldn’t wait to get home to check out his new fishing rod. He got the car keys from his dad and went into the trunk to get it. He shuts the trunk, stands there with a weird look on his face, then says, “Um Mom, I locked the keys in the trunk.” I didn’t yell (I couldn’t, I was too exhausted). I just told him, in a calm voice, this is why I am continually telling him to focus on what he is doing. I went into the gas station to seek help in finding a locksmith. After calling four different places, I finally found one that said they would be able to assist us and be there fairly quickly. They were there in ten minutes. I started thanking the Lord.

As the guy is trying to find out how the back seat folds down, it becomes apparent that it doesn’t fold down (the car is a 2005 Kia Spectra). We all start researching how to remove the seat. He calls his company to have someone bring him his toolbox. I pray a short prayer (I was too exhausted to panic, worry, or do anything else). Finally, after about an hour, the seat was disassembled, the emergency trunk latch was located and popped, the trunk was opened, and the keys found. The guy puts the seat back together, receipt was written, payment was made, and we continue our trek home. Another hour and a half and we were home. We unpacked almost everything and I had to venture back out to pick up our dog from the kennel.

You would think that was the end of the adventure. With exhaustion deep within my body and mind, that was not the end. I get about a quarter of the way to getting the dog when I realized I didn’t have her collar or leash (the kennel tells all owners to take it home after drop-off). I had to turn around. As I was heading back home to get them the gas light came on. I go home, get the leash and collar, and start all over. I stopped at a gas station to fill up. I saw a sign on all the gas pumps that said “This product not available”. My mind was not working at full potential so I took it mean there was no gas at all. It was actually saying they only had regular gas and none of the other types were available. I gas up and go to get our dog.

When I arrived I had forgotten about the fact that the credit card machines were down when I dropped the dog off. Apparently they were still down. I said a little prayer hoping I had a checkbook in my purse. Whew! I did have one. I paid the bill, got the dog, and went home.

The entire weekend, from beginning to the absolute end, was definitely an adventure full of memories we will all cherish forever. I hope you all have enjoyed coming along with us. If you didn’t, well…



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