How We See Jesus-Part 1

Wednesday Word: November 02, 2016

How We See Jesus-Part 1

I know it is not Passover or Resurrection Sunday. It does not have to be a special time of year for us to be reminded of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. In fact, we should be thinking of all aspects of Jesus all the time. I really feel this is from Holy Spirit because I asked Him for help. What He has revealed to me is still in process and we will walk it together.

The first thing is to go through the last sufferings of Christ. I say the last sufferings because I believe Jesus suffered many things before His arrest just from the compassion He had for His people. After His arrest He was struck in the face and accused falsely by the Sanhedrin. Then He was given up to the Romans and scourged and beaten. None of us have ever been beaten to the degree that Jesus Christ was. In His time people may have been beaten in that matter but none of us alive today can relate. His skin was ripped from His body and mutilated. After this, He was put in a purple robe which was possibly the texture of wool and had a crown of thorns placed on His head. Not only did they put the thorns on His head but they beat Him in the head to embed the thorns even deeper into the soft tissue of his head and forehead. Then they yanked the purple robe off His body. Have you ever had a deep sore and had to have a gauze bandage wrapped around it? Do you remember the feeling of the gauze being removed from that laceration? It is painful to have it removed. Imagine your entire body being like that deep sore and completely covered. This is what our Lord endured before the crucifixion. After being beaten, having no food or water, and going through the extra torture, He had to walk with a beam on His back to the mountain He was about to be crucified on. As He was walking He was probably whipped repeatedly with His already bruised and bloodied body. When He got to the mountain He was thrown down onto the cross.

One nail was driven deep into one wrist (I believe the scientific evidence that is was the wrist and not the hand because it would be difficult for a body to remain upright if the nail were through the center of the hand). The next wrist had a nail driven through it. Then the feet were laid one atop the other and a nail driven through them (probably through the arch of the feet). [This is not easy to write as I cringe and cry with every detail.] Our Lord was lifted upright as the cross was raised into place. Later a spear was driven through His side after several hours of excruciating pain.

He suffered all of this agonizing torture for His love for us. He suffered all of this to redeem us from the hands of the enemy. He suffered all of this to unite us to the Father and to one another. This is not the final image of our Lord just as where we currently are is not our personal final image. Next week we will go deep into our Lord’s ascended image. This week let us each focus on the sacrifice He made to bring us into His heart (The Holy of Holies).

Alicia R. Shipe

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