Delight-Part 2

Wednesday Word: November 30, 2016

Delight-Part 2

Last week we went through a description of the word “delight”. I ended it by speaking of one of the Hebrew words for delight which is “anag”. Let us review this word before going deeper into it’s revealed meaning.

Anag: (aw-nag) to be soft or pliable, luxurious, delicate, delight, pleasant (from Strong’s Concordance-6026/6027/6028)

I shared the verses this word was used in. My focus was:
Psalm 37:4 – Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

This week we will go through the Hebrew letters that make up the word ‘anag’. Before we do that I want to share something personal regarding the Hebrew alphabet.

I have been studying the Hebrew alphabet for the past two years as a self-study. What I mean by ‘self-study’ is I found resources online, followed the leading of Holy Spirit, and took time with the Lord to go through every letter. I have added some resources at the end of this that I have used for my personal studies. I am not a scholar in Hebrew studies. I desired to understand something a few years back that was bothering me and one of my mentors suggested I begin learning the Hebrew alphabet. I took her suggestion and ever since then the Word of God has opened to me in a greater revealing way. Are you ready? It will be short but I sincerely have hope that with this we will have a deeper meaning of Psalm 37:4 (which is one of my favorite verses).

Hebrew is written right to left but I will write each letter name out from left to right. The letters in the word ‘anag’ are: ayin, nun, and gamal (I have also seen it written as gimel/gimmel/gimal).

Ayin was originally drawn as an eye which denotes vision. The word ‘ayin’ means vision and/or knowledge.

Nun was originally drawn as a seed or a fish swimming. The word means to resprout, be continued, be perpetual. In it’s current drawn form some say it is like a man bending over in humility thus showing a servant. (Hmmmm…getting this picture yet…Seed-Servant…uh huh). I see it as meaning servitude from all my combined studies. Joshua’s father’s name was Nun.

Gamal literally means camel. Some say it looks like a man walking. Other meanings are to benefit, to require, to wean, to ripen, to bestow on, recompense, to serve, and to yield. In my studies I have summed it up as meaning to restore or ‘the Restorer’. Remember John the Baptist was clothed in camel’s hair (read Matthew 3:1-6).

Let us bring this all together. To delight ourselves in the Lord as in Psalm 37:4 means to have vision/knowledge of our Lord (eyes to see), to be an offspring/seed in order to continue our Father’s lineage by being His child in servitude to Him, and continue to be ripened and yield to Him in everything we do. This is what Our Father means when He says to delight ourselves in Him. The added part is that we are to do this (serve Him) with joy and gladness.

[Read Psalm 100; Colossians 3:23-25]

With this deeper understanding we can begin to truly delight ourselves in the Lord. He can then give us the desires of our hearts because our desires become His desires and not fleshly desires as we begin to see, become humble, and begin to walk it all out.

I absolutely love learning the Hebrew alphabet because the God-head’s character is revealed in each and every letter which opens the scriptures (Old Testament) even more.
Alicia R. Shipe

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