Wednesday Word: December 07, 2016


Through The Valley Acrylic: 36x12: ARS

“Through The Valley”
Acrylic: 36×12: ARS

Everything that exists has layers. There are anatomical layers, physiological layers, psychological/mental layers, emotional layers, layers in space, layers in time, and layers in nature. Our world and existence is multi-dimensional. The God-head (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) also has layers as does the Bible.

In the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of painting as a Christmas gift for my husband. He knows I am painting for him but he doesn’t know what they are (I’m not worried if he sees this because this message is very important). Whenever I am in creative mode (whether painting, drawing, writing music, or working on writing books) Holy Spirit and I get into very deep and real conversations. The topic of layers has been going through my mind as I have been painting.

I am an amateur artist but have found my painting skills have been increasing. The reason is because I have watched videos and realized I was not creating depth in my art. How does one create depth? What I learned I am going to share with you. These rules can be applied in our everyday lives and in our relationship with the Lord.

1) Paint the things farthest away first and wait until each layer is dry and complete before starting the next layer. [Clean up/fix up whatever needs to be fixed before proceeding to the next layer.]

2) Usually, the things most distance from you are darker or in the shadows. [If it’s too far away don’t ruin your vision by trying to focus on the details of it. It’s not that important at the moment.]

3) The things closer to you are usually bigger and brighter. [Keep your focus on what’s right in front of you. That’s where the details are most prominent.]

4) Sometimes every detail doesn’t have to be painted. This allows the viewers of the work to see what is intended. Our minds naturally fill in the blanks. [There is no obligation to explain every detail of anything. People will always see what they choose to see and are able to comprehend.]

Think of these the next time you are reading Genesis 1 or when you are looking at the order of the books in the Bible. Everything has layers. One other thought that has been floating around in my multi-dimensional mind is this: ‘Yesterday is today. Today is tomorrow. Tomorrow was yesterday.’ Let that sink . . .

Through The Valley-Progression 01



Through The Valley-Progression 02



Through The Valley-Progression 03



Through The Valley-Progression 04



Through The Valley-Progression 05



Through The Valley-Progression 06





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Alicia R. Shipe

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