What Is Your Voice?

Wednesday Word: January 18, 2017

What Is Your Voice?

I have had a tough time coming up with what to write this week. I have had multiple ideas floating around but I wasn’t sure what the Lord wanted me to write. I found the topic was in this struggle. Holy Spirit has been talking to me for years about who I am in the Lord and who God Almighty made me to be. While going back and forth about a topic, He was talking to me the entire time about the topic. I had a difficult time knowing it because there were many things I (emphasis on the “I”) wanted to write about but I wanted to write what He wanted to say.

How many times do we do that? We put something away or dismiss it because we don’t believe it is actually the voice of the Lord. I am coming into an understanding (albeit very slowly) that the Lord cares about the things we care about. However, He made each of us with a specific purpose and a unique voice that is all our own. He placed within each of us specific talents for our joy and His joy as well as for His eternal purposes.

As an artist (painting, drawing, writing, making beats, and writing lyrics) I am always doubting myself because I compare myself to others. When we start out in something, we have to imitate another in order to learn basic technique. The test of a true artist (in any form) is finding your own way that is unique to you. This is the same of our relationship with the Lord.

We learn the basics on how to be and what scripture says. Just as with artistic endeavors, it is important to find our own voice and use it in our personal relationship with the Lord.

Gina, Rachael, and myself have different writing “voices”. Sometimes, when I read Gina’s and Rachael’s words, I can immediately tell who wrote it before seeing the name at the end. This is because I know them and I can hear their voice through the writing.

God is not in the business of making clones so why do we constantly try to be like others? He made us each unique with different gifts and talents.

I have always found it perplexing how individuals that are so unique and stand out from the main stream are the ones that feel completely alone. They are the ones that shine so bright yet have such troubled souls because no person could appreciate them. These are the ones I tend to gravitate towards both personally and for entertainment because they seem more like myself.

When I came to the Lord, I thought all would be instantly well with my feelings of being different and feeling like an outcast. What I found is that people in church buildings can be the same as people outside of church buildings. Some see “different” as scary or “ungodly”. This forced me to find my own way of communicating with the Lord instead of putting my faith in man to tell me how to be with and communicate with the Lord. Through this process I realized my talent for writing, painting/drawing, and music.

To trust in something, one must have faith (like what Gina wrote on Monday). To trust the Lord, we have to believe He says who He is and will do what He says He will do. For the Lord to have trust in us, He must have faith in us. For this mutual relationship to stand, we have to put action behind our words. These actions must be our own and led by the Holy Spirit and not what we believe any person wants us to do or be.

You have your own voice. God is waiting to hear it.

Song of Solomon 8:13 – [The Beloved] You who dwell in the gardens, The companions listen for your voice—Let me hear it!

Here is a video of one of those shining stars I was talking about. I just recently learned of this artist and her life. I picked this particular video because I believe she was overtaken by the Holy Spirit during this. When I was watching a special about this artist, Nina Simone, this clip jumped out at me. Let your voice be heard in the way God gave it to you. Be inspired by others but always go back to the Lord. Selah (rest).

Alicia R. Shipe

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