Not Much Longer

There is a remnant of My people that hold the anointing of John the Baptist that many have tried to silence. I tell you, not much longer will you suffer. My wind will carry your voice. Your voices together are preparing The Way.

You have felt alone and isolated. I have seen your tears. I have heard your cries. Soon, I will send you out. You have felt that there is no place for you. This is a lie from the enemy designed to keep you silent.

Continue to abide in My Presence. Continue to cry out to Me from the wilderness. My Fire swells within you. I have given you My authority to bring others to Me. Do not fear but be of good courage that I go before you. I went before in days of old, I go before you now, and I will continue to go before you to lead the charge against the enemy. You are not alone for I am with you.

Let my Joy fill you and step out into the destiny I created for you. You have a place and it is right here with Me. No man or demon can destroy what I have made. I am with you and for you. Allow your eyes to see Me; let your ears hear Me; let your mouth taste all the goodness of My Word.

Move your feet that are covered in My peace. Take your place in My army covered in the armor of My Blood. Come and eat of the Fruit of the Vine and be filled. I, Who search the hearts of mankind, have seen yours. Go and do ALL I have commanded you. Not much longer, says I.

(This was given to me as I began to weep over myself and others that have been told we don’t matter by people. We don’t judge those people. We release them to the Lord through prayer, forgiveness, and repentance).

Alicia R. Shipe

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