Simple and True

Wednesday word: February 22, 2017

Simple and True

I want to keep today’s word simple yet still encouraging. I would like to share my journey with how I came to be a writer for “Gathering At His Feet”. The purpose is to show how God has plans for us that we don’t always see. He will always open doors but it is our responsibility to walk through those doors. Continue reading

The Arts and God

Free Thought Friday: February 17, 2017

The Arts and God

Everyone of us have different thoughts or images that come to us when we hear the words artist and creative. Thoughts of people like Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, or even people like Beethoven may come across our minds. I want to use this post to encourage each of us. God is a creative Being and He made each of us in His image. Continue reading

Being in the Hidden Place

Wednesday Word: February 15, 2017

Being in the Hidden Place

A few weeks ago I had a personal prophetic dream about this new season of my spiritual life. It was a four part dream and every part had the same theme and sub-theme. The theme was for me to be in deep intimacy with the Lord regardless of what everyone was doing. Everyone else was busy building or doing things. The sub-theme was a warning to not fear I was doing something wrong. In every part of the dream I kept trying to help others only to find myself being pulled back into a wilderness and being seemingly alone. In the last part of the dream I was on a bridge and Holy Spirit was with me. We were watching a representation of the masses in the Kingdom. Some were dead but most were moving towards freedom. Continue reading