Being in the Hidden Place

Wednesday Word: February 15, 2017

Being in the Hidden Place

A few weeks ago I had a personal prophetic dream about this new season of my spiritual life. It was a four part dream and every part had the same theme and sub-theme. The theme was for me to be in deep intimacy with the Lord regardless of what everyone was doing. Everyone else was busy building or doing things. The sub-theme was a warning to not fear I was doing something wrong. In every part of the dream I kept trying to help others only to find myself being pulled back into a wilderness and being seemingly alone. In the last part of the dream I was on a bridge and Holy Spirit was with me. We were watching a representation of the masses in the Kingdom. Some were dead but most were moving towards freedom.

This was a direct dream from the Lord to me about where He wants me. He gave me something else recently which is leading me to write this. We don’t always know when we are in the hidden place. We too often perceive it as other things (at least I do). Here are some things we focus on when we are actually in the hidden place: not being acknowledged by our peers, being an outcast (different from others in one way or another), being passed over for a promotion, being misunderstood, and/or not feeling like we fit in anywhere. The Lord is speaking this to me because I have felt all of the above and He is making me aware of these feelings. He is reminding me (and you through this) that we all have a place and a call that doesn’t always (if ever) look like how we imagine it.

When we are in the hidden place under “the shadow of His Wing”, it is to be in intimacy with Him. It is to learn and hear His voice. It is for growing our spiritual man so that when we are released we do not spew our fleshly needs and desires upon those we are sent to.

When we feel alone, we should cry out to Him. When we feel like we are not being acknowledged by others, we should ask the Lord what remains in our flesh that drives the need for acknowledgement. When we feel like an outcast, we should ask the Lord what our personal call is. When we are passed over for a promotion, we should ask the Lord where He wants us to be.

Our carnal nature makes us see the hidden place as loneliness. Our spiritual nature knows it is the place where we come before the throne of our God and Lord to be in His Presence and learn to become One with Him. Sometimes we start doing things (“busy-work”) because we think that is what we are supposed to do since others are. Others may be called to that but we all must be where the Lord calls us to be. Let us take some time to read about some people who were in the hidden place even though it didn’t seem like it at the time. Use these examples for your own life and ask the Lord to show you if you are where you are supposed to be. If the answer is no, ask Him to make it plain to you where you are supposed to be.

Examples of those in the hidden place at a time:
Noah in the Ark, Joseph in Egypt, Moses in the wilderness after fleeing from Egypt, Ruth in a foreign land, Esther in the King’s chamber, the one-hundred prophets hidden by Obadiah (1 Kings 18:4), Elijah after his victory on Mt. Carmel and fleeing from Jezebel, the 7,000 prophets God reserved who did not bow to Baal (1 Kings 19:18), Gideon threshing wheat in the winepress (Judges 6), David in the field before being anointed King, David in the cave running from the wrath of Saul, David in his repentance for his sin with Bathsheba, John the Baptist in the wilderness, Peter in his repentance for denying that he knew Jesus at his trial, Paul, John at the island of Patmos, and Jesus in the time before His ministry and all during His ministry. The entire Bible is full of these examples. I did not go through all of them but as you read you will see others I didn’t mentioned. The last example of those who have been in a hidden place from time to time is you and me in our lives thus far (both in our time as non-believers and in our time as believers).

The best way to spend our time when we are in the hidden place is to allow the Word to become a part of us. Jesus Christ is the Word of God and He lives in us as much as we allow Him to. Let the Light inside you (Jesus) grow through deep intimacy which brings connection which darkness hides from. Selah.

Alicia R. Shipe

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