The Arts and God

Free Thought Friday: February 17, 2017

The Arts and God

Everyone of us have different thoughts or images that come to us when we hear the words artist and creative. Thoughts of people like Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, or even people like Beethoven may come across our minds. I want to use this post to encourage each of us. God is a creative Being and He made each of us in His image.

I often hear people say, “I do not have a creative bone in my body”. If you are of this thought, I’m going to burst your bubble right now. Creativity comes in so many forms. It even comes in forms that we haven’t even thought of. For example, there are people I know that can bargain shop with ease. They find these amazing deals on everything from clothing to furniture. I’m not talking about just flea markets either. These people are not always using coupons and they’re not using all their time just to find deals. It is a natural gift they possess. It amazes me.

There are people that can take a bag of beans, a can of carrots, and whatever meat they happen to have and make a meal of restaurant quality. This, in my opinion, is also a form of creativity.

The definition of ‘creative’ is: having good imagination or original ideas. [source:]

Some say, “I don’t have imagination”. Pish-posh. Every single time you cook a meal you think of what to cook, how to put it together, and what seasonings to put into it. Every time you have a conversation you have to think of what words to use, how to put those words together, and have maximum effect in whatever you want to accomplish with that conversation. The only difference between those that are artistic in things like music, painting/drawing, writing, and things of the like is that those individuals have long accepted that they have imagination and have learned to use it from an extremely early age. Even for those types, it was a process to discover how best to use their imagination.

We are all creative because our Father in Heaven is creative. He made us in His image. The key is seeking and learning how He made each of us to be creative. The other key is to stop believing the lie that any of us are not creative and to stop comparing ourselves, our work, and our creativity with others. Every single gift God placed within us is for one great purpose that sections out to other purposes. The number one purpose for all of our gifts and talents is for His joy and pleasure; for our relationship with and to Him. This purpose sections out into spreading His love, wisdom, knowledge, and truth to others who are not yet (and I stress the word yet) believers of Who He is.

How can the examples I used above be used to spread the word of God? When someone comes into your home and compliments the furniture you just bought for a bargain price, you can begin to tell them how you bargain shop. This seemingly simple conversation can open so many doors because you can begin to speak about how it is a gift you believe is from God. BOOM!!! Open door to start a conversation about Jesus. When people are over and your leftovers are in the fridge that they munch on, you can start a conversation about how you were strapped for cash and all you had was this and that. When they start to speak about how they don’t know how to do that, you can begin to share your story of how you learned it and how it helped you to stop worrying about how to feed your family. BOOM!!! Open door to begin speaking about faith. Are you seeing the theme here? Creativity is a part of our connection to one another and a part of our connection to our Lord.

Anything you can think of right now can be a form of creativity. It is just as much a part of each of us as breathing. Some may disagree with that statement. That’s fine by me. By my personal experience, every single person I have ever come to know has been creative in ways I never thought of before (including those that have a natural ability to speak to youth from various backgrounds).

I cannot stress this enough: stop comparing yourself and your gifts/talents with others. Think of what you love to do. That desire/passion was placed in you specifically for a purpose; to help in the manifestation of God’s Kingdom here on earth. Remember, the Kingdom of Heaven is inside of you. Let the Lord help you steward your creativity by whatever means He has already placed in you.

I pray to see many more levels and forms of creativity expressed in our world soon.

"Through The Valley" I shocked myself when I created this this past December. I let go and just went for it.

“Through The Valley”
I shocked myself when I created this this past December. I let go and just went for it.

Alicia R. Shipe

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