Simple and True

Wednesday word: February 22, 2017

Simple and True

I want to keep today’s word simple yet still encouraging. I would like to share my journey with how I came to be a writer for “Gathering At His Feet”. The purpose is to show how God has plans for us that we don’t always see. He will always open doors but it is our responsibility to walk through those doors.

Somewhere in 2014, I received an assignment from Holy Spirit. It was an intimidating assignment yet it was a stepping stone for something I had been asking the Lord for (to be used by Him as He sees fit for the advancing of His Kingdom; to teach people Who He truly is). The assignment was to go to a nursing home and provide a Bible study of sorts. The nursing home was close to my church so I passed it constantly. Every time I passed it Holy Spirit would remind me of the assignment. It took me months to take the first step. I sought out a few others to help me see clearly to make sure I wasn’t making this up in my mind. I never told them about the assignment in the beginning. I only told them that there was something I believed Holy Spirit was telling me to do but I wasn’t sure. The final answer was always the same. Those I sought for Godly counsel said seemingly the same thing; God was taking me somewhere new and I had to step out in faith and courage and not let doubt and fear stop me.

I went to the nursing home and asked if I could do a Bible study class on Saturday mornings. Honestly, I was so full of fear that they would reject my request but they did not. They actually welcomed it. I set up a schedule for two Saturdays a month. I did this for close to a year. I got to know some of the residents and would pray for them in my alone time.

The lessons I prepared, with the guiding of the Holy Spirit, were such revelatory experiences for me that I wanted more. God, in His goodness, provided that. I have known Rachael and Gina for years. When I found out about the Gathering At His Feet site, I would submit some of those lessons to them for the site. [My memory is not that great surrounding the details but this summation is to the best of my knowledge.]

I have many passions in life but writing has always been my number one. I love writing because it is a way for me to get my thoughts, fears, dreams, and everything else out without any inhibitions. When Gina (or Rachael-or both) accepted my first writing to the site, it was one step closer to removing the fears I had about the gifts God placed in me. Now I write for this site every week. This is something I never saw coming. Also, the site has grown beyond what I ever imagined (and I’m sure beyond what Rachael or Gina thought when they first received the assignment to put up the site).

What is the point of this story? When God says to do something, we must be obedient. He does give us the desires of our heart but we must trust Him first (Psalm 37:3-4). The way to show and grow our trust and faith in Him is to be obedient in the small things. I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t go to that nursing home. My focus is that I did obey His Voice in that task (even though it took me awhile). The outcome in doing that task (going to the nursing home and having a Bible study) was that some of my fears were annihilated. Another outcome was knowing and hearing His voice a bit more clearly. With every act of obedience, our doubts and fears dissipate more and more. When fears are gone there is nothing left but absolute freedom. Thank you to all of our readers for being a part of our spiritual growth. I grow with every one of these I write as well as every one of these I read (yes, I read these daily same as you). You all are a part of my spiritual growth. Now a question, what has He been telling you to do that you have fears and doubts of doing?

Here is a link to one of my first words for this site. It goes with what I have written here today. Again, I never saw this coming but feel truly blessed by the Lord that I get to share what He gives me every week.

Alicia R. Shipe

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