We have “No Kind of Time”

We all say it, “They grow up so fast”, in reference to our children. That statement has been true in every generation. However, I believe this generation is growing fast in every way because of everything that is going on in the world in this time we are in. If we blink we may miss those times that create lasting impacts on us and them.

The Lord, by Holy Spirit, gave me this song a few years ago because my focus was skewed. I used to be so timid in sharing my gifts/talents because I believed the lie that I was not good at anything. I recently made this video and included photos of my family as well as artwork because they are all gifts from God. A new saying came as I was putting it together. We only have today to use yesterday and prepare for tomorrow.

Enjoy the video as it is a part of my own heart as well as a part of the Lord’s Heart.

Here is the link to the video for “No Kind of Time”.

Here is the post written which the Lord used to prompt me to create the video:
“A Cheerful Giver Is He”

While you are visiting this page, have a look at the other videos I have made on my Videos page.

Everything on this site, including the title of this site and the site itself, are all inspired by the Lord through Holy Spirit as a gift from God the Father. Take a look and listen around and may you be inspired to go deeper into the heart of our Lord. Selah.

What are your thoughts?

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