Help Is Here

Wednesday Word: May 03, 2017

Help Is Here

This is just a fun way to look at a serious situation we come across from time to time. Remember your weapons and use them.

[Opening scene: Car chase is in progress. The person being pursued, who is an agent of the G.A.A. (God’s Advancing Army), picks up her communicator to call for help.]

Dispatch: (phone static) This is headquarters. Identify yourself.

Agent: This is Agent 5777 with the DCMDVA {Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia} unit. Our unit is under heavy attack from the enemy. I have been sending prayer aid and am being pursued by the enemy. We need backup now?

Dispatch: Ok Agent 5777. Have you deployed weapon DEUT31-8? {Deuteronomy 31:8}

Agent: (In panicked voice due to the car chase and trying to avoid other obstacles) Yes!

Dispatch: What about weapon JOSH1-9? {Joshua 1:9}

Agent: Yes! Yes! It jammed and some of the unit got hit hard by the enemy’s weapon which is named F-E-A-R!!!!

Dispatch: What about…

Agent: Oh Jesus!! Please let these people get out of the target line of the enemy!! (Agent begins screaming to people in the road) People, you have to move!!! Get out of the road!! MOVE!!!

Dispatch: Are you ok, Agent?

Agent: No I’m not ok!! I am in a high speed chase with two enemy vehicles on my back! Many of my unit are suffering with deep wounds and we need backup immediately!!!

Dispatch: Have you discharged weapon PSALM27-1? {Psalm 27:1}

Agent: (annoyed at this point) Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh no!!!!

Dispatch: What is it, Agent?

Agent: The enemy just got a lock on me. They’re about to shoot their big missile at me.

Dispatch: Which one, Agent?

Agent: I think it’s called G-U-I-L-T.

Dispatch: Hang in there, Agent. I am going to call it in now.

Agent: I’m hanging as best I can. Hurry!!!

Dispatch: All units. We have an agent being pursued by enemy vehicles. Cars are currently headed to the intersection of Faith Road and Unbelief Drive. Agent has used many weapons against the enemy when the enemy began the attack on the DCMDVA unit. Agent in need of immediate assistance. Will be approaching the intersection in T minus 2 minutes.

Unit ONEVOICE: This is unit ONEVOICE. We have snipers on the roof of the area surrounding the intersection of Faith Road and Unbelief drive. Permission to discharge weapon EPH6-14-18?  {Ephesians 6:14-18}

Dispatch: Permission not needed.

[Weapon was discharged and blew away the enemy vehicles that were chasing the agent.]

Agent: Success. Enemy vehicles no longer in pursuit.

Unit ONEVOICE: Next time, Agent, use weapon HEB4-14-16. {Hebrews 4:14-16}

Agent: Copy that! Heading back to my unit to deploy the big one against the remaining populating enemy forces.

Dispatch & Unit ONEVOICE: Which one is that?

Agent: Weapon HEB12-28-29! {Hebrews 12:28-29}

Alicia R. Shipe

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