Wednesday Word: August 02, 2017


Due to everywhere and everything my family has visited and done this summer, I call this summer “the family and friends summer tour of 2017”. When I sought the Lord what to write this week, He reminded me of the events of this summer and told me to write on it. In actuality, most of the friends we have visited this summer are actually more like family. They may not be blood relatives but they function just as family does and should. As I sought Holy Spirit to expound more on this subject, He reminded me of the lineage of Jesus Christ. We don’t pick who is in our bloodline but God knows the beginning from the end and He does nothing by accident. Let us look at some of the people in Jesus’ human bloodline that we either didn’t know, forgot about, or skipped over because our understanding is slightly darkened by the thoughts of man. I admonish all of us to do a Bible word search on these names to refresh our memories about the stories of these people.

Boaz, the eventual husband of Ruth, was born to Rahab the spy. Boaz and Ruth had a son, Obed, whom Jesse was born from. We know Jesus is from the root of Jesse who is the father of David. David brought forth Solomon through Bathsheba in an adulterous, sinful union. Yet Solomon was known to be the wisest King of Israel.

The entire genealogy of Jesus Christ is found in Matthew chapter one. It is also an interesting point of fact that the Bible specifies how many generations there were. Fourteen generations from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the Israelites captivity in Babylon, and fourteen from the captivity to the time of Jesus Christ on earth.

What does this speak to us on the surface? The first is no matter what is in our bloodline, God has made a way to redeem it so it no longer has any affect on us. The other is whatever God has promised (even to our ancestors) God will always make it come to pass because His Word never returns void. Whatever He promises us may be immediate or may take some time. This is where our faith, trust, hope and patience work together to accomplish whatever God has spoken to each of us individually so as to complete His eternal purposes throughout all past, present, and future generations.

Though this focuses on blood relatives, the bigger idea is that we are all of one family (whether we acknowledge it or not). This is why we feel close to those we either have just met or those who are our closest friends. Family is blood but it is so much more than that. Next time you are dealing with heartache from someone close to you or wonder why you have to deal with something that came about from within your bloodline, look to the lineage of Jesus Christ. Not everyone in His bloodline was perfect yet God’s promises endured. His promises will endure for you and your family also as each of us, individually, seek Him and His righteousness.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Alicia R. Shipe

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