Did You See That?

Wednesday Word: August 09, 2017

Did You See That?

I have always observed my surroundings meaning I have always been a “people watcher”. I don’t mean in a weird or perverse way. I just mean watching how people move and act in various situations. One thing I have observed is everyone has “tell” signs. Everyone of us have things our bodies do in any given situation. We have these “tell” signs on an individual level and on a corporate/group/global level. However, there are times when the “tell” signs are intermingled. An observed “tell” for someone lying could actually mean the person is uncomfortable but not actually lying.

A couple of things prompted this writing. The first was as I was out school shopping for my kids, I really paid attention to someone on the median asking cars at the intersection for money. [In the following I use the term “beggar” for those asking for money. This is not to demean the individual but to allow our minds to visualize these incidents. I will not use the term “homeless” because not everyone asking for money is truly homeless and not everyone asking for money is a scam artist.] Observing every person involved in this situation, the “beggar” and the “responders”, is quite interesting. The “beggar”, in every situation I have ever seen like this, always maintains full focus and establishes eye contact with the “responders” (those they are trying to have help them). They have to so they can see the “tell” signs of those that will help and respond to that action immediately. The “tells” of the responders are digging around in the consoles of the cars, reaching to the back of the car to grab a purse, or lifting their bodies up to pull out a wallet or money from their pocket. I have noticed other reactions (even from myself-it is what it is-sometimes I want to help but don’t have the means to) of the “responders” when they do not want to or cannot help. These reactions/”tells” are going out of the way to avoid eye contact, fidgeting with the radio or other objects in the car, or even rolling up the car windows no matter how hot it is outside.

The other thing that prompted this writing is the reason, I believe, Holy Spirit put this on my heart. This past weekend I went to a church and they had a guest speaker. I have seen this speaker a few times at this same church (as well as others). Let me first say this: none of us are perfect. We all have flaws and kinks that we are working out with the help of Holy Spirit. This speaker was basically talking about the power of God and how American Christianity has some things to work out in order to realize, experience, and walk in the true power of God. Here is what I noticed and have for years when issues like this come up with any speaker. When the truth comes and comes unfiltered, people begin to show “tells” of being very uncomfortable. Usually I get to these events early because I become uncomfortable sitting close to others besides family. I didn’t get to this one early and I ended up sitting in the very back middle surrounded on all sides by people. Whew!!! Their “tells” made me so uncomfortable that I caught myself being fearful of allowing my body to react when Truth came. I prayed and shielded myself from it and there was no more fear. Another thing I noticed (and have in the past few years) is how much we are used to responding to certain things in a systematic way. It always amazes me that when a story is shared about any kind of miracle (small or big) or God working in any kind of way, how long it takes the masses to respond. It usually takes one person so overcome with joy to respond to have the entire crowd respond.

Why this message and why now? The enemy is not intimidated with our current corporate efforts in unifying the earthly realm with the Heavenly realm (how we react and respond to one another). Until we realize who we are, how we act, how we react, and Who our God is, we will be no closer to advancing the Kingdom of God then we were decades or even centuries ago. I use to worry so much that things my body wanted to do to express my worship and praise of the King of kings was wrong or not godly. Hogwash!! We have only One that we need to concern ourselves with, JESUS. When you don’t have something to give to a “beggar”, find something. Keep notes in your car with scripture or words of encouragement and give that. Get inexpensive pocket Bibles and give that.

When you feel the fire and joy of God flowing through your body, allow your body to express it. Just as we have “tell” signs when we are uncomfortable, lying, or anything negative, we have “tell” signs for positive expressions. The human connection is a huge part of advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. Let us each begin to stop the disconnect in our personal lives.

Luke 17:21 – Nor will people say, Look! Here [it is]! or, See, [it is] there! For behold, the kingdom of God is within you [in your hearts] and among you [surrounding you]. (AMPC)

Alicia R. Shipe

[Be sure to have your daily Cup of J.O.E. (Jesus Over Everything) by going to gatheringathisfeet.org.]

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