Teach Me, Lord-Prayer

Teach me, Lord-Prayer

This prayer is directly from one of my favorite songs which was inspired by Psalm 119 written by my good friend Rachael Martin. Anything can be used as a prayer because prayer is communication with God through Holy Spirit by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Make it a definitive statement to your soul (mind, will, and emotions) and within your heart. Declare these words and our faithful Lord will help you keep them. I changed the words for the prayer but you can sing this song also as a complete prayer.

I WILL praise You, Lord. I WILL thank You all my days. I WILL keep Your laws. I WILL daily meditate. Blessed are You, oh Lord. I WILL not forget. Make me understand. Raise me up again. Teach me, Lord, Your statutes. I WILL turn my eyes from vanity and idols. Restore me long life and let Your Mercy come to all who seek Your face and trust in You. I WILL delight myself in You. I WILL consider ALL Your ways. I WILL rise and give You thanks for all You are to me.

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