That Age Old Question

That Age Old Question

What question is that? The question of is the glass half full or half empty. I used to be one that answered with it’s half empty. Through the years my answer has become it depends on whether I just drank what was in the glass or if I just poured something in the glass. As eccentric and unique as my personality is, I can still be logical in some of my thinking. Then, there are times when I ask what does it matter?

These type of questions don’t matter to our God. They only matter in showing us exactly what is in our minds and hearts. These type of questions help us to understand where we are in our individuality. Our individuality only matters to God in the fact of are we growing and are we relying on Him in our lives. The United States of America and surrounding territories have been devastated by the past storms, earthquakes, and wildfires. We can have the mentality of “the glass is half empty” which philosophers say denotes a pessimistic attitude (woe is me the world is doomed kind of thing). Some have too much of an optimistic attitude ignoring the reality and the lives lost. There is a middle ground here. The middle ground is where Heaven meets Earth through the people of God by prayer and compassion.

The reality is many people have lost their lives and much of what used to be is no longer. However, we as believers in Christ have an opportunity to do what we were created to do and what we have been in preparation to do, shine The Light in the darkest places of our brethren’s souls. Whether someone is a believer or not, they are our brothers and sisters. This does not mean we show off our intelligence/knowledge of the Bible. It means we show the Word (Jesus Christ Himself) who lives and has a place in our hearts.

There is a season for everything. Now, more than ever, is the season of love and compassion. Many people know what the Bible says. It’s time to show what the Bible actually means. As we start to do this, even within ourselves, we don’t have to pick either half full or half empty. We can begin to say either I poured out into someone else or I was poured into by someone else. Isn’t that what it’s all about on this earthly level?

Alicia R. Shipe

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