To Fight or Not to Fight

Wednesday Word: October 25, 2017

To Fight or Not to Fight

Today’s word is inspired by something I began monitoring on the back side of my house last week. The above picture is a large wasp caught in a spider web. I watched this wasp struggle from 10:00 am until about 9:00 am the following morning. It would rest in between to the point my family thought it was finally dead. Nope. As soon as we would approach it would continue to try and break free from the snare. [Side note: I do not like insects of any kind so I was not about to help this situation.]

As I was monitoring the situation all day, Holy Spirit was using it to show me how much we struggle unnecessarily. The natural world is a reflection of the spiritual world but it has become an upside down reflection of the spiritual world. Just like this wasp, we often fight and struggle until we are completely exhausted. I could have easily stepped in and rescued this wasp. However, unlike God, I do not have the patience to deal with the wasp possibly attacking me during its rescue.
For us, it is important to know that even when we are wrestling with God or caught in the enemy’s web, God is always right there to help us at any and every given moment. All we have to do is cry out to Him and surrender to Him. Below are two videos I took of the wasp’s battle. The first is the wasp frantically trying to escape to no avail. The second is of the spider and the wasp fighting. The wasp was resting at first and the spider thought it was finally dead. The wasp was nowhere near dead and fought the spider. Neither won the battle.

It is important for us to know when to fight and when to not fight. The difference is we have the Captain of the Hosts (Jesus Christ) before us, beside us, within us, and behind us in every battle as long as we call on Him and allow Him to battle for us, through us, and with us. Not every battle is ours to fight. There are times when we want to fight but Holy Spirit says no. Every time Holy Spirit says no it is because He knows what is around the corner (like the spider ready to feed).

By the way, we finally got rid of the entire scene. I do not like bugs and this was way too close to our back door. I did not want to risk any of them coming in our house because we have members here that are very allergic to stings. No thank you.

Alicia R. Shipe

The Prince of Peace

Wednesday Word: October 18, 2017

The Prince of Peace

Since the end of August I have been inundated with a barrage of annoyances and bad news. I began to find myself singing the line “don’t you bring me no bad news” [a song from the musical The Wiz] because it seemed to be constant with no let up. The situations I was dealing with is nothing compared to recent tragedies in the world but yet it wore me down enough to where I became exhausted mentally. It’s difficult when the little things begin to pile up because your body, mind, and spirit become exhausted almost to the point of depletion before we even recognize it. Continue reading

Vesseled Fire Store: Wear It

Wear It

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-Alicia- Vesseled Fire “Let Your Shine Arise”