Thank You and Thank You

Wednesday Word: November 08, 2017

Thank You and Thank You

I want to take this moment to say thank you. I want to first and above all thank the God-Head for everything He has done for me. These words that I write come from Him both directly and indirectly. I also want to take to this time to thank each and every one of you that read these words. I do not think we take enough time to thank one another for even the seemingly small things in life. If it weren’t for you readers and subscribers (including you that have subscribed to my vesseled fire page), there would be no accountability for what I write except to God Himself. Although that is enough, it would have a different meaning. I also want to thank my dear friends Rev. Dr. Gina Cobb and Rachael Martin. This is a 3-fold chord that God has orchestrated that cannot be broken. The proof is in how He orchestrates every writing between us without us communicating with one another. We communicate with Holy Spirit and the result is what you see every day in these writings.

The Body of Christ is more than individuals using their gifts/talents. There is a purpose from Heaven for the use of these gifts/talents. It was blogs like these that not only brought me to accept the Lord into my life but they also helped me grow and continue to help me grow in my relationship with the God-Head. I pray and believe the Lord does the same with the page and this page.

Whenever I sit down to write for this, there is usually a multitude of things flowing through my mind and my emotions. Because God has made me a steward over others through these writings, it forces me to focus on Him. Without these writings and accountability (with the emotions I have had for the past few months) I could have easily drowned in my thoughts and buried myself in my doubts. It is because of Him through each and every one of you that I did not. So…a thousand times…thank you to each and every one that has ever read these writings from us, continue to read these writings from us, and also to those that God will bring to read these writings from us. Thank you all from the deepest core of my being.

Alicia R. Shipe

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