Order for Advancement Series Completed

The Order for Advancement series is complete. I received the revelation for this series some time ago. Though I did not place in these writings every thing that could have been said, I believe I have given enough to cause each of us to ponder God’s original design. These writings were a labor of love for the God-Head first. With every writing I felt a deep compassion and love for The Body of Christ to come into our full purpose individually and corporately.

None of us are perfect. We make mistakes. With every trial we face we can choose to give up or push to a deeper relationship with our Lord. I pray this series helps all who chooses to do just that.

“Little by little, piece by piece, and season by season we grow closer to our Lord. It is through our personal relationship to our Lord that The Body of Christ grows and advances in the order God Almighty designed us to advance.”

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Alicia R. Shipe

The Journey Continues

December 21, 2017

The Journey Continues

It wasn’t too long ago from today that my journey on this road started. I heard a trumpet blow and sat straight up from where I was laying. It was so dark where I was that I could barely see my hand in front of my face. Then I saw a torch in the distance. It started to come closer. At least it seemed that way but the light just got bright enough so I could see my surroundings. I looked around and saw others sitting up same as me. I was in a field and there were so many bodies just limp. You couldn’t tell if one was dead or asleep. As I looked down I noticed I was wearing an army uniform. The uniform was so dirty that I figured I was in a battle but whose army I was fighting in I couldn’t tell you. Continue reading

Part 12-Naphtali

Thank you all for hanging in there during this series. Sorry for not writing in a while but I have been distracted for the past few months. We are very close to the conclusion of this series. Though there are 12 tribes/sons of Israel, for the encampment there are actually 13 tribes because Joseph’s lot was split between his first two sons Ephraim and Manassah. The twelfth tribe we will be discussing is that of Naphtali.

Click here to go the “Order for Advancement” page. Part 12 is the recent which discusses the camp of Naphtali.