Order for Advancement Series Completed

The Order for Advancement series is complete. I received the revelation for this series some time ago. Though I did not place in these writings every thing that could have been said, I believe I have given enough to cause each of us to ponder God’s original design. These writings were a labor of love for the God-Head first. With every writing I felt a deep compassion and love for The Body of Christ to come into our full purpose individually and corporately.

None of us are perfect. We make mistakes. With every trial we face we can choose to give up or push to a deeper relationship with our Lord. I pray this series helps all who chooses to do just that.

“Little by little, piece by piece, and season by season we grow closer to our Lord. It is through our personal relationship to our Lord that The Body of Christ grows and advances in the order God Almighty designed us to advance.”

Click here to go to the page with the entire series.

Alicia R. Shipe

What are your thoughts?

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