The Body Part 2

“…There are three types of muscles: skeletal muscles(these are the muscles we often think of like biceps, quadriceps, etc.), cardiac muscle(which is the heart), and smooth muscle (usually associated with the internal organs such as the stomach or intestines). Skeletal muscles are the only of the three that we have control over as far as movement (voluntary muscles). The other two are classified as involuntary muscles because we cannot consciously move these or have them perform. However, how we treat our bodies (meaning what we allow in them) can affect their performance. This is also true of The Body of Jesus Christ (on an individual level and a corporate/global level). For this writing I will focus on the skeletal muscles….”

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A Huge Lesson for My Teenager and Me

This past weekend, while one of my best friends and her kids were visiting from Florida, my 14-year-old son lost his wallet at the mall with most of his Christmas money and some money he earned over the summer mowing lawns in it. He was out with his Dad and his little brother but they had to separate to get the shopping needed done quickly. When they came home I could tell right away something happened. He had an extremely defeated look on his face. Continue reading