A Huge Lesson for My Teenager and Me

This past weekend, while one of my best friends and her kids were visiting from Florida, my 14-year-old son lost his wallet at the mall with most of his Christmas money and some money he earned over the summer mowing lawns in it. He was out with his Dad and his little brother but they had to separate to get the shopping needed done quickly. When they came home I could tell right away something happened. He had an extremely defeated look on his face.

I asked him what happened at the mall? That’s when he told me he lost his wallet. My immediate reaction was to grab my purse and my keys and go back to the mall with him. My reaction was so instinctual and quick that I didn’t notice until an hour and a half later that I didn’t even bother to change into regular clothes (I often lounge around in pj pants).

I went to the store he last knew of having his wallet then proceeded to talk to various security guards and store workers hoping maybe someone turned it in. I even called non-emergency police but cancelled the report because they were busy with emergencies.

I prayed that the wallet would be found. I was highly upset and irritated because we ended up coming to the conclusion that someone stole his wallet since it fell out of his pocket while walking away from the store. His school ID was in the wallet which fired me up even more because I was thinking someone knew this belonged to a freshman in high school. When I came to my senses about the whole thing and was praying, I said to the Lord, “Lord, if the wallet was stolen bless them anyway because they obviously needed the money more.” Truth? It was a half-hearted, half-sincere prayer but it’s all I could do instead of what I really wanted to do which was to curse the person and judge them (without even knowing if the wallet was actually stolen or not).

Almost a week later, here we are. My son went to the school security office to get a new ID and they had his wallet WITH the money still in it!!! As I am sitting here writing this, I am so thankful to The God-Head (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Thankful that my son has his wallet and his money. Thankful that someone turned it in. Thankful to the school security guard who possibly saw it at his job as mall security and brought it back to the school. Thankful that my son learned a huge lesson in “pray without ceasing” (he told me he was praying everyday). Thankful that my son learned a lesson that not all people are bad. Most importantly, I am thankful that I didn’t let my emotions totally get the best of me (at least this time) and I didn’t curse anyone.

This was a huge lesson for my teenager and myself. Oh, by the way…I forgot to mention that tonight he ventures to an all-night slumber party with activities with a friend of his at a church. I received the news of him finding his wallet when I got back home after purchasing him a new wallet to hold the money we are giving him for tonight. Hahahahahaha! It doesn’t get any better than that.

God cares about the details. No matter what we may think about a circumstance or situation, this testimony is but one out of an infinite number showing how much God cares for and loves us. Sure, my son should have made sure his wallet was secure but in the end…GOD! Selah.

Symbol on wallet is interesting, no? Marine Corps…”Semper Fidelis”=always faithful 💖

Alicia R. Shipe

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