The Body Part 4

”…Our digestive systems are (just as everything else) an extremely intricate system. Everything starts with what we take in through our mouths. The beginning of the actual digestive system starts with our teeth, jaw, tongue, and salivary glands. “We are what we eat.” Anyone ever heard that saying? The foods (including drinks-water, soda, etc.) we eat dictate how our bodies perform. If we take in things that can not only be broken down successfully throughout the entirety of our digestive system but also fully absorbed, we begin a process that can provide us with energy and clarity. For example, have you ever eaten a fast food cheeseburger only to feel extremely sluggish in the following hour? Have you ever eaten an awesome salad that was extremely colorful and then you had tons of energy that you didn’t before? The same goes with information we place into our spirits. What we take in is what comes out with a few digestive stops along the way….”

Click here to view the entire writing.

Alicia R. Shipe

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