Back to Reality

“The Bride (Tried by Fire and Bound by God’s Love)”-Alicia R. Shipe

July 02, 2018

The title of this writing has a two-fold meaning. The first is my family just returned from a week-long vacation at Rehoboth Beach, DE. We were with two other families and it was awesome. Before that one of my great friends visited from Florida for two weeks with her family and before that I went on a spiritual women’s retreat. All of which was awesome! With all that there is a lot of information to sort through and process both in the natural and supernatural. However, our adventures are calming down and life is now back to what it was (somewhat anyway).

The second meaning has to do with us as The Body of Christ (including my individual place within it). Much of the messages I am receiving are different than the current status-quo ideas of what we know (or think we know) as traditional Christian Theology. It has been confirmed numerous times in the past month that what I am receiving and have received, others are receiving also. I will admit that my Heaven to Earth filter is currently under repair yet still the messages are very clear. It’s the delivery that We are working on.

What are some of the messages? Let’s take the last sentence of that last paragraph for example. How we speak reflects how we think. We can all agree on that, correct? If the Holy Trinity is a part of us and we a part of Him, shouldn’t we be saying “We” when we do something of, for, and by the Lord? It is ok to say “I” but shouldn’t we at least be progressing toward a “We” mentality?

One of the other messages is a question given to me by Holy Spirit. What is the wife of a king called? More times than not she is the queen. The daughter of the king can also be the queen. These are just thoughts I am passing along which will be expanded upon much later. I am blessed that my first true spiritual home/church has a Pastor who was/is one of many called to study the Bride of Christ. Before entering this church, in 2005, I had never fully heard a teaching on The Bride of Christ. My knowledge base, or lack of, was focused on the Ten Commandments and Love (“Love your neighbor as yourself” type of scriptures). I was very much an antagonist to the Christian Church. Some may believe I still am after this and future writings. I am here to say I am no longer an antagonist to the body of believers. I am against archaic teachings that currently have no power or wisdom behind them. Hey, if I can’t be honest in my writings then there is no need for me to write anymore. Just being honest.

Yet another message I have received is the question of why are we (The Body of Christ) fearful of things like new age thought? Do we really distrust our God that much? An example is the study of crystals. How can crystals be evil if God chose some of them to put into the breastplate of the priest? Sure what things are used for can be ungodly but it doesn’t mean the objects (or even the people) in themselves are ungodly. We really don’t know except to know that “it is not flesh and blood we wrestle against but the powers and principalities…”. If you can’t understand that then how about this; the demonic realm can only counterfeit the things of God. If we believe in God then we all should be working toward a goal of trusting Him beyond anything else, this includes the study of ALL things in the Bible as well as working towards loving everyone (yes, yes, I know…hard to do with some but God said…it’s a hard one for me too). If we are fearful of something, our duty is to cry out to the Lord. I realize that is harder to do than say for most of us but God by Holy Spirit searches and knows our hearts better than we do. When we cry out He is already there to help us.

Last but not least, why are we fearful of certain groups and lifestyles as “Christians”? Really? Whatevs. The Bible makes it perfectly clear that those of the world cannot understand the things of God. Why are we pushing so hard for things in our own strength? Doing things of ourselves seems more blasphemous than anything else. It’s called Pride (something else I am quite familiar with in my own personal journey). We have to STOP forcing the things of God on those who can’t possibly begin to understand. Do you know how God opens the door for those type of interactions to happen (notice I said GOD opens the door)? One simple word; Love. We cannot use hate to combat hate. It doesn’t work. If you don’t believe me then open your eyes and look around for a second. Hate cannot conquer hate. It only breeds more hate. When we begin to love then we begin to see people through their hurts as well as Who they are in the Heavenly Kingdom and we become better able to let things go for the greater good of advancing the Kingdom. I’m not saying become a door mat for people to take advantage. What I am saying is we as Disciples of Jesus Christ should have a better understanding of love than  we currently do.

I am coming out of a deep, dark, depressing wilderness period. I am entering an oasis (a season of deep refreshing). Some of the things that I may be writing about in the near future may not be for everyone but I know they are for some. If it’s not for anything else I know at least it is for some that have been told by “Christians” that what they know and believe of God’s Word is wrong when God has confirmed multiple times over that it is not wrong.

One last thing. I put “Christian” in quotes because it is currently the universal way to identify this group. For me it is only a label because I AM a Disciple (student, follower, believer) of Jesus Christ filled with Holy Spirit and created by God Almighty Himself with every gift already within me that I will need to accomplish His Will and Purpose. Many of those gifts just need to be unlocked or unblocked. If this is making sense to you then move forward. If this does not make sense to you then move forward.

Bottom line is this. There is a reality of the Heavenly Realm that we have yet to engage with for whatever reason (fear, pride, doubt, etc.). We must first come to that Heavenly reality in our private time with the Holy Trinity so we can all, in whatever way we are gifted to do so, share those nuggets with one another by the leading of Holy Spirit. If someone says something that you don’t agree with, search it out with the Holy Trinity first. Then search out the delivery for correction (but only if you are called to do the correcting). There are too many correction officers on the premises and some of us are operating in that function without the proper training. Some of us are correcting things God has not called to be corrected at this time if ever.

Like I alluded to earlier, this (delivering a hard hitting message) is difficult for me. Even this writing was difficult for me because my words would have been a bit more harsh because of my emotions. However, I surrendered in this moment and what you see is what We want to say. Yes…I mean We; me collaborating with and submitting to Holy Spirit Who receives from Lord Jesus Christ Who receives from Father God.

It is time to get back to the reality God intended us to live in; His reality. The things of His Kingdom are very much different than what we consider our reality to be. How many dimensions are there? How big is the Universe beyond what we know? Have you ever truly tried to comprehend eternity or One that is The Beginning AND The End? How deep are we willing to go into the depths of our Father God Lord Jesus Holy Spirit? Each one of us has to answer that question within our own hearts. It’s time for the encampment to move forward. We live in a fiery world with a watered down Church. Seems a bit upside down and backwards to me. Maybe it’s just me🤔. This writing serves as an pre-introduction. To what…I’m not really sure yet. You’ll find out as I find out. Interesting, is it not? 🤪☺

Alicia R. Shipe

What are your thoughts?

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