Just Me


Flickering lights bouncing through twilight
No where to go except Flights of Might
Here 2 there 2 everywhere
The Dust Rider
🥴👺The Back Seat Driver 😈😇
My Hawk-Mare Glider
Safety Net Diver

Holy! Holy! Holy, Are WE
AlwYs about how deep inside I can See
Holy! Holy! Holy, Are WE
Forever IN The Mist of The Dome of The Sea
🔥Wind, Fire, 💋🌊Earth, Reign🌈
Having and Maintaining The Sight Of God Almighty
Through Destiny and Eternal Infinity

~Alicia R. Shipe~


Allowing the dead to rise
Allowing the dead to speak
Telling us what’s going on and warning us
Letting them finish that which is undone
One day of every year the dead may walk
They may see those that were a part of their life
I may summon their souls on this special day
On this special day, even spirits may rise
By black magic, this can happen
Black Magic is the elixir of the after-life
Black Magic is the love of evil one’s
Black Magic is My Love
Witch, I think not
Just One Who likes Evil and Likes 2 Communicate with The Dead
Is Any-THiNG wrong with that?
I don’t think so
It’s perfectly normal #2 ME!!!
2-Some, it’s like a religion
The Power 2 DO What-Ever I Feel, IS A GREAT THING


~FROM~ A/n E Vil SoUL
~pour out a little liquor for all the niggas in the pen~

Written: October 31, 1997

Title: Black Magic, The Power From AN EVIL Soul/UNITY/Union

Thank you. Good-Night/DARK KNIGHT


My family has always been interracial. It’s always about the blood. This means what do you believe. I believe as I do because God placed His Remnant before Me.

I used to work at K-Mart in Winchester. One day I was outside on my smoke break and there was another man outside doing the same thing. He had a certain tattoo on his right shoulder. I have a symbol that is seen as the exact opposite to his (on my left shoulder). We were standing side by side. Have you ever wondered what the next coat of Joseph was OR could BE?