Precious Life

Any day or any night
No one knows but God
Our lives could disappear at any time
A stray bullet or a panicked burglar
No one knows when or how we’ll die
Sometimes God may not even know
A prisoner hanging from a rope
A teen that made blood run from their wrists
An eight year old that shot his best friend
(not knowing the pain that was to be caused)
At any time, day or night
Our souls could leave our bodies
An old woman whose heart burst in her chest
An old man with a growth in his brain
Making him blind and killing him in the end
When and Where?
No one knows when Death will strike
A building being blown up
With thousands of people (parents and children)
An unexpected mass murder
Death lingers above us all
Only God has a clue
Of when it will seize us
My plan is to try to enjoy life

written: in high school

One thought on “#109

  1. Prayer for Gods continued presence and comfort and wisdom during All Our Trials in Life. And that We will continue or start to Look to HIM as Our Heavenly Faith and Grace. In Jesus Name, Amen. Who hasn’t expressed similar thoughts in our head…never putting voice or written word to it. Mortality, is an issue we all think about…but, is heightened by our continued experiences on this earthy plain. It’s like having one foot on Earth 🌎 and the other straddling Heaven or Hell. We must all must choose which the path we wish to take.
    Blessings and Thanks for sharing. ✝️♥️


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