Internal Illumination

Nobody around can understand why
They all say I’m obsessed but I say I’m possessed by great inspiration
Your voices run through my body like a river runs through a forest
The river quenches the thirst of all life around it, keeping those lives happy
Your voices douse my fears and worries
Whenever I listen to you, my heart starts floating, my body won’t stop moving
My mind focuses on the positive instead of focusing on all that’s negative
You are like a rainbow in the stormiest sky
Most of the time all I can see is the lightning and the destruction it causes
I tend to concentrate on the destruction and heartache
Then these five beautiful birds start singing and the storm moves away
All I see is the sun shining around me
I realize that dealing with heartache will only make me a stronger person
When I hear you or see you it reminds me that dreams come true with hard work and love for myself
As I hear your voices in my ear, I watch the sun set leaving its trail of beauty for me to marvel
I know that true happiness comes from inside and shines to the outside
And I’ll never forget it, this I promise you

~Alicia R. Shipe~
written: 04-16-00

One thought on “Internal Illumination

  1. Life Is Beautiful.
    Nature Is Beautiful.
    TRUE Friends Are Beautiful and have Beautiful ♥️ Hearts. The Heart ♥️ knows and feels intuitively, a deeper and spiritual state of being. You are just more sensitive too it. It’s a Gift!!! Do you have difficulty finding people that just get you? They understand you without question? These friends are small in numbers, but True.
    I get you. I wish for continued Blessing for you. Faith is Believing without necessarily Seeing. Rare people believe this without questioning, it’s so refreshing.
    Monique ♥️🌹✝️


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