An Act of Nature

The sky is dark and grey
All is silent except for a few cracks of thunder
The darkness is briefly interrupted by lightning
The lightning is powerful and deadly
It’s deadly, yet it is beautiful
It takes away all the darkness
It engulfs the sky in brightness
Then it’s gone
I stand and watch
I wait for the lightning to come back
I wait and watch as it destroys the darkness
I watch as it defeats the gloom
I listen as the thunder devours the silence
Then it is all over
It becomes dark and silent again
All of a sudden, I hear raindrops falling to the ground
The rain falls on me with ease
The raindrops cover my body
As if they were cleaning my soul
The rain is falling with grace
The sun slowly pokes out from the darkness
The sunshine annihilates the darkness
The sky is no longer black with gloom nor is it blue
Instead, the sky is golden
Golden from the overwhelming sunshine
There are no clouds except for one
The one I’m watching from

written: in high school

What are your thoughts?

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