Too Many Snakes – ARS – 03/09/2019

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Written: 03/09/2019
Too Many Snakes [ ; ]

This world never ceases to amaze me. The way GOD-Almighty designed every nook and hidden path. As someone who does not believe in co-incidence, it’s not too difficult to spy out. I believe that every religion (PAY attention to each word methodically placed) has similar origin stories. Many have and will continue to question this. That’s between them and GOD. No matter what religion (words . . . ) one adheres to, it cannot change the physical components of humanity. The only way that happens is through chemical mutations over multiple generations.

I strongly believe GOD has been trying to communicate with these last generations to have HIS Remnant begin what may be the final pilgrimage of this Age in Existence. Somehow, greed always finds a way to not only rob an individual of His God-Born reality, but also entire blood-lines thusly multiple generations. My personal journey has as many twists and turns as the human brain has hidden crevices. The greatest weapon each of us have is Knowing. Notice I did not say knowledge. Knowledge, in my sought out opinion, is but a catalyst for humanity to connect and communicate with whatever entities we come to recognize, acknowledge, and engage with.

Somewhere along my genetic mapping, my destiny has been misplaced through lost (or stolen) memories. In my personal search to find ME, I have found much, much, more. I have found abundant Truth through THE ANCIENT OF DAYS. This is new territory for Me so I choose to tread lightly. With this newer level of God’s Glory come truth about those I allowed into my special secret places (mentally and spiritually speaking). I trust Me because I know AND believe God trusts me. HE IS My EVERY which I now understand has always been true for me.

As I now have an even more defined purpose than I ever imagined I could, it’s time to harvest my farm-lands. I’m starting with the beasts of the field. It’s clearance time at Alicia’s Farm. Everything must BE Pre-pared just Right for the private Feast 2 God from ME. This King’s Cup runneth OVer and Her crops are bountiful IN-DeeD. I even have some snakes that adore My Field so much, they couldn’t help themselves IN helping Me Create The roadmap for each part (still a work in progress). So thank you very much from the bottom of MY Heart to the ToP of HIS CROWN! (had to/Could not hold that IN – hahahaha)

The unknown is dark and slippery. One Key is to find, establish, and maintain your personal footing. There will always be those who want Your SpoT BE-Cause they’re too lazy or fearful to grab their own. GOD IS FAITH! If you can place that TRUTH in your Heart, Life gets much sweeter as you study it through!

~Alicia R. Shipe~ THA REAL ONE FYI (Just IN Case)

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