SouL 2 SoUL

No, I wasn’t angry 🙂

No Worries
Acrylic: 11×14: ARS

“Youth & Wonder”: Colored Pencils: Alicia R. Shipe (ARS)

Sound Bite: 120708_001

Written 06/26/1998:
with Another Part of Me that I Never Truly Yet Always Knew WAS There

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder:
I don’t think my heart could be anymore fonder of you
When I was with you I felt whole
My life was complete
Completion comes from the soul
I feel that my soul is connected to yours
“Dreams are visions of the future”
Most of my dreams are about you
I kid you not when I say I want to spend my life with you
When I see you, I lose my breath
My heart stops and my eyes glare at you
I see you and I think of the heavens
Your body is like the sun
It has a radiant glow that scorches me
Your face is like a full moon
So innocent and precious
It makes the stars glow even brighter
The stars that can be found in your eyes
Whenever I see a rainbow, I think of you
A rainbow is so rare
Like the love I have for you
Hopefully, you feel the same way
ONLY NatuRe could Compare 2 U
4 ME, U R A-Z AmaZiNG & MiraculouS as Nature IN SPRiNG
FULL OF LiFe, FULL OF BEauTY, AnD I can see you R Full of LoVe
Our 2 MiNDs WILL soon coMBiNe
I HoPe OUR 2 HeaRTS WILL SooN not be apart

Mountain-Lake Vision

He Said IT

#1: Ancient of Days: Surreal (I Surrender)


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