B4 AND ForeVer Again

Classics never die. Legendary!

B4 AND ForeVer Again

Sang it B4
“No Time”
Society Fright TyKes
Fear of Truth and Destiny
Neu roDs unCoVeRinG
For the recess and
Hmm…1st, GOnNA FiND
Then Re-CoNNeCT
ThrouGH The WE oF WHoM

-Alicia R. Shipe-

(selfie taken on Mac with “comic-book” filter; #coloryourworld #2019)

No Time

Running With The Wolves

Yes it’s a filter people. So cuuuteee!! Hehehe

Judges 8:7-9 – So Gideon said, “For this cause, when the Lord has delivered Zebah and Zalmunna into my hand, then I will tear your flesh with the thorns of the wilderness and with briers!” Then he went up from there to Penuel and spoke to them in the same way. And the men of Penuel answered him as the men of Succoth had answered. So he also spoke to the men of Penuel, saying, “When I come back in peace, I will tear down this tower!”

Original Journal Writing: Thursday 05/22/2014 @ 1000

About a week ago, I dreamt I was running in a large field. I felt frightened like I was being chased. The pursuing me got closer. It was bright and sunny outside. There was nowhere to hide. I laid down on a grassy hill pretending to be dead hoping the thing would leave me alone. It came to me and I thought it was a wolf. It was large and black. It started sniffing me then started licking me in a friendly manner. I sat up and started petting it and it was very friendly. It was more like a dog. We started walking through this empty field together.

Then it became dark (night) and we found this home that was like a resort cabin with low amber lights on the outside frame of the house. There was a driveway that started on the bottom of a hill (house was on top of a hill). [The lights remind me of the soup dream with me sitting on a porch]. As I was cautiously approaching the front of the house from the back via the field, there was a pack of ravenous wolves in attack mode. I froze not knowing what was going to happen. My companion dog went into attack mode and charged at the wolves defeating them one by one. As he was doing that, I started to again, cautiously, approach the front of the house. I believe I ended up inside but only stood right in front of the door surveying everything. [The scene reminds me of the following dreams: the English woman and her flat; the cooking dream with the partiers not preparing; a dream in an apartment where people were partying & I was trying to teach them their errors]. The only other thing I remember is that a car came up the driveway and I came out of the house to meet them. It was a couple and I told them what happened with the wolves and all I had been through. They said something uplifting and encouraging to me as the dog returned to my side but I don’t know what was said.

Last night I had a similar dream (as far as the atmosphere of the dream) to the dream about preparing for a show. In the dream last night, I was walking through a mall or something with my youngest. We were walking by an open type food court and there was a strong-statured elderly man with very white hair sitting and eating. We were separated by a low rail with my youngest kept trying to climb. The man told me a blizzard type storm was coming so be prepared. It was warm and sunny outside. I believe it was summer. I listened to the man and had winter clothes near. My child and I were outside when everything suddenly was covered in snow and it became extremely cold. We put on the winter gear as we heard the disbelief and panic of others.

This morning, maybe 20 minutes ago, I was practicing the words of a song that came to me earlier (at about 0100). I was outside thinking of the revelation I received last night that everything hidden will be revealed including talents and gifts. Then I started thinking of my passion for music and my dream to have others hear these words I write. Next I thought of my high school classmate’s studio, the woman who arranges these lyrics, and all of us working together to get a CD out. The CD could be handed out as part of spreading the gospel throughout the streets. I also thought of someone hearing it, an “overnight” explosion of people buying it, 25-25-25 percentage for us with the last 25% to charity (like music and arts within inner cities). As my imagination started to go I was wondering if this was me or God when a lark landed on my deck railing and kept looking backwards to me. I saw this as a signal from God that it was Him or at least He is definitely in this to bring this (or some version – His version – of this) to pass. The lark is a symbol to me which I wrote abut in journal #4. I am currently working on ‘useable’ song #16. I say ‘useable’ because I have written many lyrics in my 35 years but most of which I no longer feel. So I strip it down to the current one being #16; #1 being from 2005.


I just finished cleaning and re-writing the lyrics to song #16. I was on my way to go on my back deck. As I was about to open the door, a bird flew directly in my line of vision as I looked through the glass door. It landed on the side of our grill. Then another came down and landed in the exact same spot as the lark did earlier. These two birds were doves (not white). They were facing towards each other but looking in my direction. The one on the grill then flew away. Then I opened the door slowly and the second dove flew away. Doves have always been a signal from God for me (not white doves but brownish-grey doves) since I first came to the Lord.

Did some research on these doves and they are known as Mourning Doves (because of the sound they make – like an owl). They are also called Turtle Doves or Rain Doves. Doves (just like the white doves) are a symbol of peace.

“Sunset On Glass”: ARS
Words Over Art

What IS Higher Learning?

I don’t know how I know and understand the things I do but there is something I never knew I would come to know; utter betrayal. True betrayal goes beyond the daily and moment to moment mis-takes we ALL make in ALL of our times. Just sayin’. There is hopelessness, loneliness, and true destruction that leads to mental distrust and emotional releases. I care about what God has placed in my life and my hands. 

Fire Fall (Africa)
Digital: 8×11: ARS

Original Journal Writing: 02/16/2015 @ 0942

Last night I dreamed I was in a school. I believe I have had dreams of this school before though it is not a real school I have ever been to in the natural. I was  a new student and there was one other person with me who was also new. We were wandering around the school most of the day because we weren’t sure where to go. Then, we came across white board that had the class schedules on it. Some of my classes were titled with my name in the class description. For example, one of the classes was named, “Don’t go there, Alicia”. My name was spelled wrong so I was upset and confused but knew I was supposed to have this class. Someone was trying to stop me from going. The person with me wasn’t someone I recognized in the natural. The person was a woman about my age in the dream and we had such a great friendship in the dream. We were talking to each other about the school and classes and our future plans.

I can’t remember some of the other classes but knew that coming across this schedule meant it was time to go to class. The lady and myself split up to go to our classes even though it was closest to the end of the school day. The class I went to had 2 rows of tables. I went to the teacher’s desk who was expecting me. He gave me 2 papers that I was to fill out but they were already filled out for me. He told me it was about time I showed up but not in a snooty way. It was in a relieved/expectant way. He told me to take a seat. I sat in the front row at my far right. There were a pair of shoes under the table at my seat that looked similar to the ones I had on my feet in the dram (orange & grey). At first, I wasn’t sure if I was in a sleepy state and was really looking at my own feet or if they belonged to someone else who was sitting there before I came in. I decided to move the shoes, since I didn’t see anyone, to the seat to my left under the table and took my seat. A woman came and sat next to me to my left and said I took her seat but it was no big deal. There was a man next to hr that kept trying to move hr stuff that she placed on top of the table. He seemed slightly annoyed that she was sitting next to him. I was wondering if I as suppose to sit there. The lady was then trying to get the attention of a man in the back row. She crawled on top of our table on all fours and started wiggling her back side and calling his name (can’t remember the name). What I remember is the whole class looking at here with disgust and pity. She was completely barefoot. I guess she realized how foolish she looked so she sat down with a regretful look in her face.

The teacher started class. What I remember is it was a French language class but we were discussing the life and reality of Jesus Christ. The biggest lesson I remember from his lecture in the dream is that he was discussing the interactions between Greeks and Levites and how it related to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Then the next part of my dream began. I was outside of my home waiting for someone. I had just received my new schedule for classes which were actually (as I know now after pondering this dream) orders for the next phase in my life. It began to rain. One of my old neighbors in my hometown was talking to someone of authority about my past. The person she was talking to was not concerned with what she had to say because it was the past. She then seemed extremely perturbed that her plan to discredit me did not work. She then tried to gather others to back up her case but to no avail. I was watching this encounter from a distance.

Then the people I was waiting for pulled up to my townhouse (which, in the dream, was the one I currently live in). One of the people was the current drummer of the worship team (David Jimenez). He got out of the car which was forest green and went to the back seat to make room for me in the front passenger side. Before I got in, he asked if I received my schedule. I told him I just got it. I reached back into my backpack (the motion was like an archer pulling an arrow from the quiver). I pulled the schedule out and let him see it. He handed it back and had a look of joy/expectation on his face. He told me to put it away before it became ruined by the rain. I told him I was and fully zipped my backpack so it didn’t get wet or fall out. Before I got into the car, someone started to shoot some kind of weapon at my house. All of a sudden, 2 canons appeared that were dark green. To load them, I had to pick up the shaft of it and pull it back in a collapsible way then re-attach it to the body of the canon so it would shoot. I shot it in the direction the weapon was shot at my house. When the first round went from my canon, the target was a house across and diagonal from mine. The person who was shooting was stunned by the retaliation and was telling me to stop because he wasn’t ready. As he was saying this, he was being sneaky and trying to load his next round. My second canon went off at this time. Then I guess it was over because it was time for me to get in the car. I don’t know who the driver was, only that it was a woman (possibly the same one that was wandering the school with me). The drummer was in the back seat and I was in the passenger seat. I know wherever we were going correlated with the schedule (order) I received and my destiny.

The entire dream had a sense of destiny and learning/understanding how to focus certain aspects that have been free roaming up to this point of my life. When I woke up pondering this dream, I immediately thought if this is somehow related to taking some courses in the natural sometime in the near future for educational credits. I know part of this dream is a warning of someone or something trying to come against the fullness of my destiny (which could be me as well as other people). This is one to continue to ponder because there are so many moving parts. Will send this to my active mentor to shelve as I also shelve this one because it is for my destiny which God has called her (my mentor at the time of this writing; Patricia Cava) to help steward. God is so good!

Original Journal Writing: 04/05/2015 @ 0954

I don’t remember the details from my dream last night. All I remember is the message. The message was that Africa is under a spirit of genocide. Then I had the thought that what Africa is suffering is similar (exact same) to what the Jewish people are (and have) suffered from. Also, that both groups have always suffered this persecution. 

There is a connection between the people of Africa and the Jewish people that I sense in the Spirit but is not fully known to me at this time.

~Alicia Renee Polston-Shipe~

“When Doves Cry”
Media: Digital Art
14×11: ARS