To Be or To Fear?

Originally written 10/14/2008 @ 0117

Just Me

Before you go to vote this November 4th answer these questions for yourself.

1) What happens to a rubber band once it’s been wound way too tight?
2) What is the true product of absolute fear?
3) What is the true product of absolute power?
4) What is the one thing lacking in this world?

I could give you some answers to these questions but it is not for me to answer them for you. God gave us free will. How you answer these questions does not determine your will but shows what your will is. Individual will determines a path. Paths cross moment by moment to fulfill a plan. Now, answer this last question.

5) Which plan do you wish to be responsible for? There is no right or wrong answer.

Remember, God’s Will shall be done in the end. Exercise your freedoms while we still have freedom in the natural world.

I will share my answer for question number 4. COMPASSION. Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines compassion as “. . . sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” Ignorance breeds injustice.

In case any one is wondering, the inspiration for this writing comes from the story ‘V For Vendetta’; not just the movie or the graphic novel but the IDEA!!! If you care, pass this along. God is TRUE LOVE.

~fin @ 0145~

What are your thoughts?

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