Silver Cup Age: Benjamin? – Accusations or Defense of The Mind

April 10, 2019

Homemade apple pie for the first time Thanksgiving 2018.

From and back to The Father of Lights:

Dedicated personally to Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Tupac Shakur, and Christopher Wallace [and especially to ALL struggling with PTSD and/or any form of mental illness: especially those who have been on the forefront of this debate with super slow progress. For the legalization of Cannabis recreational use and research safely].

Special thanks to Raymond Frantz of John Handley High School of Winchester, VA.

Originally written 01/20/2010: started 12/16/2009

Why can’t I be free of misery
Tell me why do I suffer inside (please tell me why)
Then I heard a voice tell me
Just let go and you’ll see liberty
You don’t know because you don’t show
The desire to be free
So proclaim on this day Your Victory

There was a time when I felt like dying
Then came a time when I never could stop crying
Without knowing I was growing and able to stand tall
The releasing of my tears
Was the defeating of my fears
No idea how free I’d be
Walking towards my destiny
I will press on
Because my life is a song

Stake Out The Land
written 02/07/2010 @ 1930

Lord, Jesus, is coming back
Lord, Jesus, is coming back

Stake out the land
Move ahead of this place
Stake out the land
No time, no time to waste
Stake out the land
Take hold of your possession
Lord, Jesus, is coming back

Be prepared
Be ready
Hold on
Hold steady
You don’t have to fight
Your battles in the night all alone
Surrender all your have
Surrender all you are
To the One who gave them
He’s the One Who Created you

Stake out the land
Move ahead of this place
Stake out the land
No time, no time to waste
Stake out the land
Take hold of Your possession
Lord, Jesus, is coming back
~fin @ 1953~

Original Journal Entry: Monday 02/22/2010 @ 2025

For the past month I have had a slew of dreams. I have not written them down because I have allowed myself to be pre-occupied. I believe all the dreams I can remember are  related to each other one way or another. Because I can’t remember the dates I had the dreams, they will not be written in any specific order; except the dream I had last night.

Crouching Church; Rising Enemy

I dreamt my church was having a service. After the service, another service was being held in the basement. There was a steel gate that took up over half the basement. Noises were coming from it that sounded like wild animals and like a group was forming plans. Some of the elders went back upstairs. The staircase was extremely dim. Some of the members that were in the basement were fearful due to the noises coming from the steel endorsed area. My Pastor was leading this basement service. He led the members to form a circle and start singing praise and worship songs. As the singing started, the wild animal noises started and there was pounding against the steel as if something was really trying to get out. I was standing on the staircase watching everything. I ran up the stairs to get some of the elders to come back downstairs but they wouldn’t . ~End~

The Great Hall
Digital Art: 11×14: ARS

Hall of History

I dreamt my oldest Son and I went to a museum of some kind. The outside of the building looked run down and the bricks were covered with colorful graffiti. We went inside and it was a huge hall of African-American historical figures and historical figures that changed the face of America. The ones I remember at this time are Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X,  and George Washington. There were many more that spanned the entire hall that was the length of a football field and the ceiling was high. The stories of these people played like microfilm but in the 21st century. They moved from right to left and I remember words written in red that were big and bold. Then the hall was full of friends and family having a banquet and it became very loud. The next part of this dream was seen in the fellowship hall of my church. . . 

Partially Naked

This past weekend I dreamt I was at a banquet dinner. Leaders and members of my church were in attendance. I was there with my oldest Son. I didn’t have anything covering the top half of my body. I didn’t realize I was partially naked. I was interacting with people and had my food. It wasn’t until I walked away from speaking with some of the leaders (two of which I consider mentors-women) that I became aware something was wrong. They were acting strange towards me. I sat down at a table with my son to eat and felt extremely uncomfortable because people were staring and whispering. I felt vulnerable like I used to when I was younger. We were sitting alone. It was then I realized I was partially naked but it didn’t feel like I was doing anything wrong just misunderstood, vulnerable, and lonely (nothing has changed BTW). ~END~

“You say you want a leader; but you can’t seem to make up your mind.” – Prince Rogers Nelson

The beginning is the end and the end is back to the beginning. That’s biblical and historical. Thank God our country has separation of church and state. Or does it? Just saying . . . Privacy matters, or does it? Opinions are a matter of privacy. Reformation is necessary. Learn something.

May God Forever bless the United States of America!! or is that an oxymoron?

Hmmm . . .

~Alicia R. Shipe~

What are your thoughts?

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