The Life of A Time

Prepare (copyright): ARS
“Joan of Arc” in mind
Colored Pencils

It is with great hesitation I present the following piece. It is something I wrote my freshman year of college after one of my idols passed away. In today’s society it’s as if death is more than just an end to life. We have become a society that lives in desperate fear of what is to come and what we may miss. We even have an acronym for it: FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I love words and vocabulary but . . .

As one of God’s prophets, there’s a deeper pressure to speak on and think on things He has given me. The reason? We are in a convergence of times; a time where it is the same song just a different century, day, and/or decade and all playing at the same time. Though things are better, how much better should they and could they be? We have become so used to natural disasters, massive deaths, and the youth being insensitive that no one is thinking about discipline anymore. You know. . . “discipleship”? (question mark is to stake my sarcasm).

With all that said, the following piece was my take on the events back then. There are even more questions today than there were back then. I did not share this piece to open old wounds. I shared this piece because the wounds have never been closed. I also am putting this out because I feel like it. Love . . . but can we?

~Alicia R. Shipe~

A Double-Sided Soul