Poem Part 2/2: Rediscover

Amazing words!

Writing Rhymes

Lost in wake of my self-destruction
I break the shackles of my demons’ every instruction.
At every turn, life presents an obstruction
Yet I focus on my life’s reconstruction.

In my ears, my demons provide misleading advice
With false illusions, they try to misguide & entice.
For each step on the right path demands a sacrifice
As barefoot on broken glass, I walk towards my paradise.

For my doubters, my trail of blood is a visual treat
Yet my adrenaline galvanizes my every heartbeat.
I may perish but I won’t embrace defeat
So after every fall I still get up on my feet.

The sufferings that I’ve endured for countless years
I recall all my screams that fell on deaf ears.
The audacity of my fortitude now, eclipses all my tears
I rise & roar rampantly, as I overcome all my fears.

At my paradise’s gate, I now recover

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